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Third person's POV.
"You can't do this." She said shocked looking at him who's eyes were filled with dislike for her.

"I'm telling you for the last time. Don't waste your time." He controlled his shout.

Her tears rolled down on her cheeks, looking at the face,the one she loved, the one who was her life.

"You are lying right? I know you love me. You love..." She said as she grabbed his arm.

"Stop it Shiza." He pushed her back making her fall on ground.

"Have you ever seen yourself? And have you ever seen me?" He asked and her eyes stuck on his adorable face which always pulled her toward him.

Her eyes were on him but her mind was recalling all the moments, all the times when she saw him. The first time she saw him when he entered university with his lower gaze and that was what attracted her most.

"Daain." Her whisper came as she was in shock

"I have told you many times that I don't have anything for you in my heart." He said and turned to other to save his eyes from looking at the girl who was on floor in front of him without any dupatta or stroller.

"Please I beg you. I love you Daain." She cried while holding her hair.

"But I don't." He said

"But why?" She stood up with new hope that maybe this time she'll made him agree.

"Why?? Do I still need to tell you why??" He turned with red eyes.

"I have asked you a question. Have you seen me and yourself? The difference can't you see!?" He asked and she looked at him confused.

"What difference? I mean if you are talking about our class then..." She tried to say and took a step closer but he raised his hand to stop her.

"Class? I am talking about our religion."  He said making her confused.

"I'm a Muslim and you are a Muslim then what's the problem Daain?" She asked as she went closer to him.

"Don't. Stay away from me." He took two steps back.

"And you think you are a Muslim?" He asked with sarcasm.

She looked at him confused. She was not understanding what he was saying. Daain's eyes looked at her once who's hair were spread on her shoulders,her face fully dipped in makeup, her short shirt was hardly hiding her but showing her arms,tight jeans beneath it was showing her to every eye. She was calling herself a Muslim but does Islam really teach a girl to show herself like this in society. He thought and looked away.

"Did you ever prayed?" He asked and her eyes widened.

"Can you tell me how it feels when you bowed your head in front of Almighty? How it feels to have love of Allah and His prophet in your heart?" He asked and she took two steps back in shock.

"This I'm talking about." He said and paused.

"My life partner, my better half would be a practical Muslimah not by just name." He said and she held the table to stop herself from falling.

"You are a good girl but I'm sorry. What I'm looking for is not you." He said and she felt her world shattered.

"This is your life. The way you want,you can live it. I'm no one to judge you but I have rights for myself to choose the one who will be my better half,my companion." He said and turned to see her.

"But I.." Her words stopped in her throat.

"Look I don't have a problem. It's your life. You can live as you want but we can't be together. I hope you have understand." He said and rushed out of class room and she again fall down on ground.

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