Heart Matched

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Third person's POV.


"Why are you so in hurry? Their flight is at noon." She said looking at her father who was doing his breakfast hurriedly.

"I don't want to be late. My friend is coming you know." She sighed with a smile on her father's excitement.

"You should come along with me Anoshy. After all, your best friend is coming too." Her father's words startled her and she looked up at his father.

"My friend? I don't even remember his face. How can he be my friend? Dad please let me stay out of this." She said while filling the glass with juice.

"Don't you remember that you play hide and seek with him all the time? He always brought gifts for you and you always ask for flowers not gifts." Her fathers said and she looked at her father.

"Of course I remember that dad but it doesn't mean that I should keep him in my remembrance. Its been so long now. We are not kids anymore." She said and took the sip of the juice.

"But I really wanted you to come. You know how successful businessman Ibrahim become." Said her father with a smile.

"Don't tell me about him. Tell him about me that Anoshy Bakhshi is a successful doctor." She said proudly and took a piece of bread.

"Okay Dr. Anoshy Bakhshi you win,I lost. But I'm getting late." Her father said and got up and she followed him.

"Dad I'm telling you. There's still time in their flight." She said while putting the coat on her father.

"I know but I want to be there." Her father said and she took her white overall.

"Call me when they land." She said and both daughter father walked together.

"Drive carefully." Anoshy said to her father and then sat in her car.

"You too." Mr Bakhshi said and both drove out their cars out of their bungalow.

She was smiling while driving her car toward the hospital. Her phone rang and she took the Bluetooth to put it on the ear and pressed yes to answer the call.

"Hello." Saying, she took a turn to right while putting her black goggles on.

"Dr.Anoshy, Ehsan is not eating anything. He's calling you." She heard the nurse voice and she smiled.

"Tell him I'm coming." She said and cut the call while fasten the speed.

Stopping the car in the parking of the hospital, she took her overall and I'd card along with her handbag.

"Dr. Anoshy thank God you came. That Ehsan and his friends are going out of control." As she entered the hospital, Jugin the nurse said and she gave a nod with a smile.

"Where are the Angels!" Saying, she put her overall on and walked excitedly toward the children ward.

"Hello Angels." Saying happily, she ran to the children who smiled happily as they saw her coming in.

All went to her and hugged her in a circle and she smiled more.

"Where is Ehsan!?" Looking around, she tried to find him and then she looked at Jugin who pointed toward the bed.

Understanding, Anoshy walked toward bed and kneel down to see that cute kid who was hiding himself under the bed.

"Offended!?" She asked and he gave a nod while folding his arms on his chest and she smiled on his innocent act.

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