Secret Marriage.

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Third person's POV.

Third person's POV.

The car was moving on while they were seated on their seats all silent. Non of them looked at each other. The car was filled with silence. She turned her head toward him who was busy in his driving. She again looked in front of the road which was lighten up with the headlights of the car. Darkness and silence they were feeling around.

Her dupatta slipped from her head which she placed again on her head. It made her turn a little to see her because in the silence the tickling of her bangle created a noise which caught his attention. Their eyes met for a second and soon they looked away from each other.

The car entered the huge building. He parked the car and took her luggage out of the car and without calling her,he start walking toward the building. She ran after him and tried to match with his steps. He reached near the elevator and pushed the button. Looking for her,he turned and saw her coming to her. For first time,he noticed her bridal look. In beautiful red lehnga which had golden embroidery and beads on it,in just simple lipstick and bangles, she was looking so beautiful that he forgot for once to blink his eyes. But soon he looked away and both stepped in the elevator.

It stopped on the 8th floor. Stepping out,he didn't bother to call her and walked ahead with her bag in his hand. She followed him and he opened the door of his flat. Without welcoming her in,he marched and she stepped in hesitantly. As she,reached the launch,she didn't find him there. As she turned to her left side,she saw him coming.

"Come." First word,he said to her and she walked behind him.

"This is your room. Take rest." He said while showing her room.

She looked at him who was standing in front of his room. Both looked at each other and turned the knob of their rooms and stepped in.

As she closed the door,she rested her head on the door and took a sigh which showed how tired she was. Many tears left her eyes and she walked slowly to the windows which were hidden behind the curtains. Pulling the curtains, she lookedxat the lights of the city which were visible to her eyes. All the city was visible from the place where she was standing. Going to bed,she sat down while leaning back to the headboard and closed her eyes to lost in the memories.


"Are you Mr Anas?" Asked nurse looking at him who was seated lost in his own thoughts.

"Yes I'm." He said looking up.

"Doctor us calking you." Nurse said and he nodded.

He walked to the cabin of doctor with bearing heart. As he entered,the doctor nodded find caring him to cone to sit. Taking seat in front if Doctor, he waited for his words.

"We're sorry. It's on last stage. He has very few time now." Doctor blasted a bomb on his head.

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