Chapter 17

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Bronwyn listened with amazement as her sisters-in-law and Sally chatted up a storm.  They were as excited as little kids going to their first circus.  After she had listened to them talking endlessly about what they were expecting from the night, her mind started drifting towards Wesley as her fingers played along the stitching on her purse.  The purse she had put his shiny and brand new looking card into.  She did not have long to let her mind wander before they pulled up at one of the most sought after boutiques in town.

The real you, are you serious, we are only going to a night club.  Not anywhere fancy.”  At the silence in the car, she looked at all their faces and noticed the excitement and anticipation just waiting to bubble up and over.  “Aren’t we?”

“Club 69 is so damn exclusive that no one can get in if they are not on the list.  And if they are not on the list, they at least have to know somebody that is a guest to vouch for them.  And yeah, they do dress up.  Rose and I went to go and were watch one evening.  It is amazing how much you can dress up while covering less that ten percent of your body.”

“Yeah,” Rose chipped in; “I have never seen slutty look so classy.”

Sally and Sadie burst out laughing and soon Rose joined them while Bronwyn only shook her head.  “Sally, have you been there before?”

“Oh yes!  And it is every bit as decadent as the rumors have it.”

While they were walking up to the entrance of the boutique, Bronwyn informed them that Wesley would be paying for their outfits.  Before the two wolves could voice their objections, Sally asked Bronwyn how much money Wesley had given her.

“Umm, he gave me his card?”

Sally came to a dead stop, causing Sadie to bump into her.  Sadie quickly held onto Sally to make sure she did not fall down.  “His card?”

“Yes.”  Bronwyn fished on her bag for her purse and took said card out to show it to Sally.

Sally took it and flipped it over.  Then she smiled slyly at Bronwyn.  “This; my dear,” and she waved it in front of Bronwyn’s face, “is not his card.  It is yours.  See … that’s your name on it.”

“What?”  Bronwyn took the card in her hands even though she could see her name on the card quite clearly now that she was actually looking at it.  She could see that Sally was so excited she was practically bouncing up and down.  “What?”  She asked again.

“Wesley never gives his card, or any card for that matter.  When I do the shopping for home, he always gives me cash.  More than I could ever need or use, but still; cash it is.”

Bronwyn could see that she was holding back and raised her eyebrow expectantly, knowing that Sally would cave in.  She was right.

“The last time Wesley was with another girl, was just after Gerald and I got married.  A real cow if you ask me, but …” Sally sighed for effect, “you know guys.”  Sally waved her hands as she brought herself back on topic.  “Anyhow, she used to nag him constantly that she never had anything nice to wear when we had plans to go out together, and he would always end up giving her cash to buy something.  I later found out from Gerald that no matter how involved Wesley was with a woman, he never gave them his card.  Or any card for that matter.”

The idea that he had most likely been with a truck load of other woman did not sit too well with Bronwyn and she mulled over that bit of information much more than she worried about the cash versus card business.  It was only when she caught Sally looking at her expectantly that she realized Sally had not spilt all her news.  “What?”  She asked for the third time.

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