Found, ... at last

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noughteemisee By noughteemisee Updated 2 years ago
How do you life your life as a feline shifter when you are 'frozen' in time; waiting for your mate?  And what happens when you find her and she is a fourteen year old student at your school?  How do you stop your mind from creating images of the two of you together?  How do you get her to fall for you?
That is short. In 8th grade I had to write 500 word essays. *sigh* thing was about 10 pages long, no joke.
Hmm kinda young would of felt more comfortable reading if she was 16
Love this story and can't wait to find out what happens next
Yay! A new chapter! ^-^ is it me or does it seem that he's having more naughty thoughts than usual? How old is she anyways like 14? Upload soon! =3 pweze?
thats cool its so heard to find werecat story's 
                                    please update soon