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Slight spoiler if you haven't seen the first parts(I don't know how you haven't seen them but ok)

Y/N L/N, Quirk:Lava

Her quirk aloud her to make any part of her hot lava, the flaw is if she does use it constantly she will get burns on her skin or even insides if used for too long.

"Now class, you'll be studying with another person and I will assign partners so I don't want to hear whining from any of you." Aiwaza sternly informed us, I sat there hoping it wasn't going to be Bakugo. "The project will need to be school friendly and try not to cram in a project before it's due.Oh yeah, it'll be due by next Monday, so hop to it."

"Bakugo annnddd...Denki," He spoke Making Denki shiver in fear, "Next is Tordoki and L/N."I couldn't believe it, I was screaming inside my head.I looked over at him and then looked down.I've talked to him every now and then and small conversations like "Nice weather!" Or a small joke he would softly chuckle at.Every interaction just made me like him even more.At the start I denied it to my friends, but now I accept it a 100%. I mean he's type?No pun attended with my quirk though.

"Y/N stOp day dreaming or detention" our teacher told me, I nodded in response.Everyone was with their partner but I thought I could just waltz over to Todoroki like nothing but now I just feel like I'll be a volcano spurting out random nonsense. Instead I saw him walking over to my direction, I panicked and quickly looked for a pencil and paper.

"So what topic do you want to do?" He asked as he sat down. I was nervous and tried to speak but it all came out as gibberish. He looked at me and pulled out a notebook and pencil as well. "Let's look over our notes," he told me,I nodded and grabbed notes out as he basically carried our conversation, regarding our subjects. I just nodded and tried to stay calm. He had a faint blush? I couldn't tell over his scar.

"Okay, now that the break is over, time for some training! " Aizawa announced, everyone cheered while I was admiring Todoroki. Once everyone started to leave I snapped out of the dream and quickly speed walked my way out of the room. We went outside with mats on the floor.

"Ah! So it's Class A! " Chuckled Monoma

"SHUT THE HELL UP! " Bakugo yelled at him, Monoma shrugged and laughed it off.

"He Seriously has something mentally wrong with him.." I mumbled under my breath. Todoroki chuckled for a second and instantly went back to his normal facial expression covering his mouth and looking ahead. I burned up and was ready for whatever exercise they were going to throw at me.

"Okay! So class A let's start with the sit up tests WITHOUT your quirks. Got it? " Aizawa cleared up for the class. Some people chuckled, or just sweated in nervousness. I already knew that Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki were going to do the most. "Everyone partner up with your study partner! " Aizawa demanded. I slowly scooted to Todoroki as he walked over. Instead of just standing next to each other like a normal person I bumped into him like a idiot.

"Sorry, " we both said to each-other.

"Do you want to do the sit ups first? " Todoroki asked as Aizawa called the first duo.

"I'll get them out of the way.. just so you know I'm really bad at these! " I warned him, he just nodded and faintly blushed that Meade me blush as much as Midorya talking to girls. Once Aizawa called us up, we headed to the mag and started to do sit ups. After 2minutes I looked like I was going to pass out. Plus Todoroki was holding down my feet! Today is just heaven.Though, I almost made my last one but failed. "Haah! " I panted as I got up ready to hold down Todoroki's feet I hesitated to hold down his feet but put my knees on his feet. Todoroki went through the 3minutes in a breeze.

"Ah, seems like I'll have to add a challenge. Y/N! " Aizawa called for me.

"Y-Yes? " I answered him

"Sit on top of Todoroki's back when he does push ups in a few. Same goes to you Todoroki." Aizawa demanded.

"Y-Yes sir.. " I answered him once again. The anticipation for that those minutes killed me. Part of me was nervous to do it but another part wanted this to happen. Me and Todoroki stood there waiting for the push up tests. After about 15 minutes we were called up again to do push ups.

"Todoroki get on her." Aizawa demanded

"Of course I don't get a female partner, " Mineta complained. Todoroki sat on top of my back, I started to do push ups as Aizawa counted them, "I can feel that he was, extremely light? I mean not to be rude or anything,, I just imagined him to be a bit more heavy with his body structure..." I thought to myself and soon got of control and just flopped onto the ground. Todoroki got up and held out his hand.

"Need some help? " he asked as he grabbed my hand anyways, we were extremely close,, the class was luckily talking to their friends as Aizawa was staring at his sheet to fill out the data. Soon Aizawa gestured for Todoroki. Has got down into position and waited for me to sit on top.

"O-Oh.." I mumbled as I went over and sat on him. "Sorry if I'm too heavy.. " I apologized.

"No it's fine.." He replied. After 10 minutes Todoroki stopped and got up.

"Wow! " the whole class said in awe, I just scurried back into the back of the line with Todoroki following behind me.

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