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If any of y'all even remember me uhhhh I'm gonna be for real with y'all. I'm like in and out of the my hero academia fandom and like I can't really get back right now so if you guys already haven't guessed the requested are probably not gonna happen,, I'm just so uninspired to do anything my hero academia related,, when I try to write for mha it feels so soulless so like sorry??? For those who requested I'm extremely sorry for not finishing them even though I said I could,, maybe during s4 I'll find the inspiration to write for this again but like mha characters are kinda bland,, other than the three boys deku bakugo and todoroki no one feels like an actual character that I can write about and not feel like shit??!

I also feel as if I became a lot more different during these past months so my taste in stuff has kinda changed?? If any of y'all watch mob psycho 100 or The Promised Neverland 👀 never be afraid to hit me up in the dms my dudeskis. I'm literally just a reader and not much of an author at this point.

Umm but I love y'all, every comment is usually very nice 💕💕
Like no homo but 😳 yes homo?

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