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This is the longest shit I ever wrote on this site.My knees and fingers hurt.Also here's one of the best Bakugo shitposts I've seen.I edited this like 6 times.I need to eat.october 25th

"Hey uh..which way is to the supermarket?" Y/N tapped a certain ash blonde boy's shoulder, he turned around about to cuss but ended up blushing as he turned around,


"Um..did I say something weird?"

"Shit, it's Uhm fuck.." he muttered

"Uh you can just show me?" She asked finding him a bit aggressive but cute.(AnD FiNe)

"S-Sure!I don't have any shit to do anyways!" He said smiling with Y/N walking to the super market, they talked about what school they were going to and to no surprise it was the same.He was aggressive but Y/N didn't mind it, it was quite nice instead of someone trying to fake being nice.

Y/N was a normal person and this new quirk society, expect she was one of few that were expected into UA, her father obviously proud ever since he ignored her studies and focused on the families needs she got in all by herself.The thing is she was agile as hell, her quirk "Jump" aloud her to jump as high as a 6 story building or higher, if needed.The flaw his the impact when she lands.When she had to apply she found it too easy and found herself in a class with the self proclaimed prodigy, Bakugo Katsuki. I mean hell yeah to her she found him attractive as FuCk but he had quite a temper.He also found her adorable at first glance and could stare for days.

"DEKUUU!" A scream was heard before Y/N had even entered the classroom, she slowly opened the door but I screeched grabbing attention from him.


"The fuck?" Bakugo cussed as he looked over to Y/N making her flush red she recognized the young teen from the other day but was quickly embarrassed from the door.

"AhhAhAH!" She screeched as she scrambled to a seat away from him near in the back.Getting odd looks from everyone in the class, she quickly went into her bag filled with supplies, grabbing whatever she wanted to do.Her father gave her before leaving.Bakugo held onto Deku's collar entranced by the cute, familiar, girl entering the room.He let go of Deku making a 'tch' unintentionally trying to look "badass" in front of her.He's never really found anyone this attractive but he just kept saying to himself he doesn't and it's shallow I mean they just met the other day!Their teacher came in after a few terrified screams behind Y/N,she turned around to see a middle aged man probably in his late twenties or thirties.He got out of a yellow sleeping bag to tell the boring stuff but they went outside as he warned them about a test they were going to take...

"And whoever ends up last place will be expelled" , he informed as he smiled, Y/N, terrified she was sweating as So was the others expect for a few that were confident that they wouldn't lose.Y/N kept her eyes on Bakugo, what do you expect he was the only one she knew the best.He smiled violently using his quirk to go pass the poor other boy Deku running behind.He looked at her almost tripping.

"SHIT," he cursed as he almost fell but he still won.You felt sorry for Deku he seemed nice and quiet so you rubbed his back smiling at him,jealous Bakugo just gritted his teeth making fists trying to control his anger.Their teacher called you up, you took a deep breath and calmed down so you wouldn't jump too high,

"And go," He told them as Y/N literally took a leaping start as the invisible girl was behind despite being not visible to the naked eye.

"5.6 seconds" ,he informed as you gasped for air smiling, Bakugo didn't seem impressed he was watching others, frowning.She felt kind of sad since he seemed he didn't care at all for her quirk.In reality he was too embarrassed to look since when you jumped her...AHEM... chest area would bounce along with her.Mineta loved it though earning a few threats and punches from the aggressive male.He liked you because he couldn't really figure out why he wanted to keep talking to you and go on walks with you like when you first met.While everyone else in class was so cheery and upbeat but she would rather hangout with a small group of people rather than a whole classroom let alone the whole school, is what she said the other day.Plus he found you so fucking adorable not even Deku can compare one bit.You could say he was very intrigued to the point he did stalk your social media accounts after you told him your name and he told you his.The test was over and after all the classes Y/N tried to strike up a conversation after having a mental war during english.

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