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Volume 11 spoilers/ Season 3 spoilers


Y/N was walking to the dorms that U.A had built. She couldn't wait to finally leave the house and to have a whole room to herself! She smiled and speed walked over to the dorms with packages leftover.She had to go pack her stuff the night after they were introduced since she forgot. Y/N headed into the dorms ready to decorate.

" Okay! Time to organize! " Y/N announced to herself. The girls around her room kept hearing large sounds and decided to go ask one of the guys if they were even up to help them or Y/N. Just luckily Kirishima was there.

"Kirishima, I think Y/N needs help, and we're all to tired to, could you help her? " Momo explained, Kirishima smiled and headed over but stopped in his tracks after a second.

"W-Wait! Isn't unmanly for a man to walk into a women's room?! " Kirishima asked the group of girls.

"I'm sure she needs help, just go. " Momo responded with a yawn as the girls headed for breakfast. Kirishima headed over once again nervous. Since Y/N was a crush of his,, he might get a little panicky, but to help someone in need is the right thing to do. He opened the door making Y/N jump a bit.

"A-AH! " Y/N screamed dropping a box.

"Y/N it's just me! " Kirishima stated

"Oh.. sorry,, but anyways. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?! " Y/N yelled at the red haired teen.

"I came to help, the girls told me to...." he responded, Y/N sighed and handed him one of the boxes. He raised a eyebrow in confusion.

"You're helping me, so put the manga over there, AND DON'T YOU DARE LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE! " Y/N demanded, Kirishima nodded and tried not to look. Most of them were shoujo with a girl being surrounding by guys. He instantly put them down in the corner of the shelf Y/N told him to put them. 'I didn't know that Y/N liked romance so much. I wonder.. ' Kirishima thought to himself.

"Hey Y/N, what guy out of the Hero course do you fancy? " Kirishima asked bluntly.

"E-Excuse me? " Y/N responded sweating.

"Y'know like romantically, I was just wondering though, you don't need to answer i—" Kirishima said while rubbing the back of his neck.

"Ah! I just remembered I need to go shower! I'll be back in like an hour! I'll call you over when I'm done! " Y/N excused herself and ran into the baths. She sighed in relief, she almost lost it there, Kirishima, the nicest guy in the whole school, randomly asking HER if she FANCIED anyone.

"Too personal? " Kirishima thought, while his heart was thinking something entirely different.

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