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(Can't find a photo of Mic without Aizawa or the artist said no reposting, sorry,,)
Requested by, @NdragonEyes

This is short because I can't drag the story on for so long,, sorry about the wait,, I'm doing my other oneshots book while also doing my own activities, hopefully I will update more in the future. But for now, my deepest apologizes for taking too long.

CAUTION:: I don't know how to write present mic. But I tried. He's seems waaaay too OOC but I don't want to decline the request.

The secretary for UA high. What a job. "No.. we will not do that. " Y/N said to a caller on the phone before hanging up. She sighed and spun around in her chair. She then got an idea after a long train of thoughts. 'Maybe I should plan something between us, as co-workers of course! Haha! ' Y/N thought to herself. She got out a sticky note and before she could grab a pen someone called. "Oh god, what now? " she groaned as she grabbed the phone. "So your soon will be absent? " Y/N asked,"mmhm, I'm checking him sick, but make sure you bring a doctors note or it'll stay in his record. " Y/N warned the mother. "Alright, have a good morning! " Y/N told the caller and then hanged up. "Alright back to this. " Y/N said writing down a plan to get together with Hizashi, or Present mic. The bell rang and she sprung up. The time she could go grab her lunch she left in the teachers fridge.(I don't know if they have one but why not?? ) Meanwhile Present Mic was looking for Y/N and entered her office.

"L/N? " Hizashi called out. He looked over to her desk and saw a sticky note, out of curiosity he looked at it. "invite.. get closer... " he mumbled to himself. When he read the last one his eyes widened. Y/N was heading back with her lunch, happy as ever until she saw Hizashi holding her 'list'.

"Ah. " Y/N mumbled. Her mind went blank, she drew a few doodles of the two doing romantic gestures as a joke but now. Oh how now is she going to recover from this. "I-I haaah.. I— well you see.. " she fumbled on her words as she fiddled with her fingers. Her face and her heart out of control.

"Y/N we could do this, if you want, " He offered her, she widened her eyes and nodded.

"Oh— yes! I mean.. yes! Absolutely! But things is.. where? And when? " Y/N asked him. The air felt extremely awkward. The two grown adults stared at the floor scratching their heads.

"We could go to McDona—"


"Ah.. you teach 1-A this period(I actually don't know), you should hurry up, I'll talk to you soon about our.. plans.. " Y/N told him,

"ALRIGHT! Hope to hear from you soon! " He shouted as he left Y/N with her non stop beating heart.

"Did That actually happen? " Y/N mumbled as she sat down and swirled around in her chair once again to think and be interrupted every now and then.

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