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Also you're a photographer and he is a martial arts instructor
Also also I like wrote this super quick so like if there's any errors ding be afraid to tell my lazy ass 💗💗 I love y'all 💗💗💗💗💗
Also also Also like I'm not the biggest Ojiro fan so this might be OOC.

Requested by:@lagoon_bleu

Fanart by: fenkko on tumblr and Twitter

AU: there are quirks but like no heroes 👌

I let out a long sigh as I hurried to pick up my younger cousin from martial arts practice. I was almost 20 minutes late because I got caught up in taking photos. I was new to the area so it all was so.. nice. I finally saw the martial arts studio and picked up my little cousin, she was crying but I made it!

"I'm sorry Caroline.. this will be the only time I'm late okay? " I said assuring her, she nodded and gave me a hug.

"If you're ever late again I'll have to use my training on you! " ,Caroline exclaimed.

"Haha.. yeah, well let's get you back home, right? " I asked her, she nodded again.

"You have to carry me the whole way! " She demanded, I let out nervous laughter out as I adjusted her a bit.

"Yes milady. " I said as I somehow carried her home. I put her down once I got inside and grabbed my wallet. "I'll be going to the cafe again, so do you want anything from there Caroline? " I asked her bending down to her height.

"I want chocolate cake.. please.. " Caroline replied with the sweetest little voice I ever heard. I patted her head and smiled.

"I'll be back soon, okay. " I told her, she just nodded and closed the door. "She May have a cute appearance but.. " I mumbled to myself as I walked to the cafe. It was a simple one, which was a nice breath of  fresh air from the city. I took out the camera hanging from my neck to take a picture of the cafe before someone bumped into me. "HEY— oh wait. "

"Oh I'm sorry.. " The man said, once he looked up at him I remembered his name.

"Oh! You're Caroline's martial arts instructor! Ojiro right? " I asked him.

"Yeah that's me, not just anyone has a tail like mine. " he replied, I laughed a bit and gave him a smile.

"Sorry about yelling at you earlier, " I apologized. "Oh! Um.. wanna get some coffee with me..? " I asked him nervously, fiddling with my thumbs. 'God I hope he isn't too mad at me.. ' I thought to myself.

"Sure, I was thinking about heading in anyways. " he replied, I let out a sigh of relief and walked inside with him.

"You wanna sit near the door or over there? " I asked him.

"It doesn't matter to me. " he responded. I gritted my teeth and put away my camera in my bag.

"Here looks fine, haha.. " I said as I sat down, he went to the opposite side and sat in front of me. I picked up the small menu and just wanted to order normal coffee. "Soooo.. what're you getting? " I asked him curiously. 'This is way too awkwardly god.. '

"Coffee, how about you? " Ojiro questioned back.

"Same.. " I replied awkwardly staring at my hands. He cleared his throat, I looked up at him

"Caroline's quite strong for her age, does she have a quirk yet? " Ojiro asked.

"No, but judging from her parents it'll probably be some kind of physical quirk. " I answered him. A employee came by us and asked us what we wanted. "Um.. a coffee and chocolate cake please. " I told her, she wrote it down in her little notepad and looked at Ojiro.

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