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Art is by tumblr user,  ohmytubes please check them out,,

Quirk: Air Manipulation! The user is able to control air, as long as the user is able to breathe the user can use it freely, but if they use it too frequently their muscles will become sore.

I got into finally got into U.A. My parents were middle class so they saved up for a year in preparation to get me into U.A, I was so excited to go, I walked towards the direction of the school. As I walked down over to U.A I noticed a boy with spiky blonde hair, he looked irritated but so handsome I stared at him as I walked and ended up bumping into a fence. "GAH! " I yelled in response, I stood still for a second and looked at the guy, he looked even more irritated than before. I laughed awkwardly and waved at the boy. He looked at me and raised his eyebrow. I looked at him until he came over like he was going to kill me. "U-Um I— " I stuttered trying to point to U.A,

"Do you go to U.A ? " the boy asked me. I nodded and was sweating trying to slowly walk away. I soon pushed myself with air and tried to walk away, "HEY! I WAS TALKING TO YOU! " The boy yelled chasing after me. I tried speed walking away from him but he was just to fast, he grabbed my wrist and forced me to turn around to him. "Don't run off without talking to me. " he demanded. I was way too close to his chest, I was basically inches away from stuffing my head into his body.

"I-I um,, may I please go,, " Y/N asked him, he snickered and let go of me, even though he was blushing in plain sight. I scrambled off and smiled to myself. " what a odd guy. " I mumbled to myself holding my backpack straps tightly. I went into my classroom, 1A, sat down and waited for class to start. Instead, I see the boy enter the room, I quickly turn my head and ignore him, too awkward!

After school

'Today was so exhausting,,' I sighed to myself. All of a sudden I see the guy again, according to roll call his name is Bakugo. This time he looks even more pissed, and he's right behind me. I turned around and got the courage up to speak, "Why are you pissed all the time?! " I asked him bluntly, he did a little 'tch' and shoved his hands in his pockets while going towards me.

" 'cause all these extra's act like their hot shit, even Deku thinks he can be more than just an extra. It annoys me. " he explained to me while spitting on the ground.

"You mean Midorya? " I asked him once again, he nodded I response. He started to walk further than me, and pretended we didn't even talk. " wait..,, COME BACK YOU HOT HEADED BOY! " I yelled at him, this time I was chasing after him. My mind wasn't focused, well it was, on Bakugo that is.

I'll let you guys imagine what happens next.

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