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I love this anime and it's characters(But mostly the boys If YoU Know WhAt iM SayIng)

You always were around deku, he was just so damn cute.You would just say it was because you felt a motherly love towards the male but in reality you loved him."Hey deku!" You said as you ran over to him he smiled ' A A A A A A A A A A A A A A ' Y/N's was screaming in her mind, you think his smile would be dull at this point but nope.In her opinion his freckles with his smile and his height just complemented his personality perfectly.She just nodded and kept walking.

"Hah... Y-Y/N are you okay?" He asked her worried, ever since people have been getting together and some of Y/N's relatives keep asking when she's going to get into a relationship she's been thinking about it way more.

"No I'm fine!"

"Are you sure? 'Cause lida told me that when girls say they're fine they can be really stressed out,are you sure you don't want to talk about it?" He asked her once again, they way he cared for everyone hit Y/N with a full adrenaline.Her quirk, water,was getting all over, hot water."Ow Ow Ow!!" Deku said as he ran further

"Oh.." she said as the water turned back into her arms "Owch..." it always stinged when the water turned back.

"Y/N a-are you okay?!"

"I'm fine, it happens all the time right?" She smiled at him making him a flush a little bit.

"Yes but what happened to make you lose control?"

Now you see Y/N attended a different school before going to UA, plus she was in class B,so Deku didn't know much,only that she can kind of control a certain amount of water at a time.She scratched her nose and came up with an excuse.

"W-We better head to class— I'll see you at lunch!" She told him as she ran off about to lose control of her water.She sat in class and calmed herself down and went to talk to her classmates.Slow as the class went Y/N could feel herself slowly falling asleep,instead of her falling asleep she just thought of Deku instead.Soon Lunch came for her ad she searched for the table where Deku was eating at."Aha!" She said as she speed walked over to the table."Scoot Deku," She said sternly, sounding like she was going to murder him like some other classmate of his, right behind him scaring the living daylights out of him.

"AAaaAaAaAa!!!" Screeched Deku as the others laughed a bit "I-It's not funny!She generally scared me!" He pouted as a figure behind him(You) was ready to kill everyone who laughed but once Deku forgave them she went back to 'Cute school girl'.


Y/N sat next to Deku delighted to be near him.

"Hey Deku,"Mineta ate his food food


"Out of the people in this table who would you more likely be with romantic wise?" Mineta had a glint in his eye looking at all the female's chest areas and elbowed Deku

"W-What?" He coughed out his food as Y/N patted his back

"We're all friends right?"

"Haha..." Y/N sighed as she was only at Class A's table for Deku not many people liked her because she was very overprotective but they didn't mind her presence.

"I-I guess...Uhm...I don't really know because you know what if I say who I want to say and they don't even like me and they only go out with me for pity and we end up in a one sided relationship or I just burden them and what if when they say they don't like me back you guys go hunt them down AND what if they stop being friends with me once I say who I would choose......" he muttered under his breath making everyone a bit uncomfortable even for Y/N.

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