One: Long Live Evil

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"Let's give Auradon a taste of evil

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"Let's give Auradon a taste of evil."

Helena, Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos stood around a bubbling cauldron. Evie stirred the mixture that had bright red apples in it with a large wooden spoon. 

"Wicked ways beneath the skin, let all who taste it now join in," Mal read from her spell book, exchanging mischievous looks with the others. The group of five laughed as Jay and Carlos threw the last of the apples in the cauldron. 

"We got all the ways to be, W-I-C-K-E-D. We got all the ways to be W-I-C-K-E-D. C'mon. 
Crashing the party, guess they lost my invitation. Friendly reminder, got my own kind of persuasion."

Carlos emptied a bucket of enchanted apples onto floor as he and Mal approached the lockers of Auradon Prep, gaining the attention of the students nearby. He laughed as he watched the students hurl themselves onto the floor and bite into them, Mal closing the lockers as she passed them before stopping at the end. Jane came up to the purple haired girl and Mal offered her an apple. The cheerleader gladly took it and bit into it, an evil look appearing in her eyes as she snatched the spray can from Mal's hand and went with it across the hall. 

"Looks like this place could use use a bit of misbehavior. Happily ever after with a little flavor."

Carlos sent an empty bucket down the hallway, each student jumping up to avoid it as it passed. He then jogged down to Mal, the pair walking away with his arm around her shoulder. 

 "We got power beyond your imagination. We're takin' over the world, we're the new sensation."

Helena stood outside in the courtyard, watching  the school marching band practice. Students behind her went crazy as she threw blue fiery apples, the students fearfully running around and trying to get out of the way to avoid getting hit.

"Bad to the bone with the worst intentions. We're gonna steal the show and leave 'em all defenseless."

Jay kicked an apple toward the marching before sliding down the railing and appearing next to Helena. He then took an apple out of Helena's hand and threw it, seeing it get stuck in Doug's trumpet. A proud smirk appeared on Jay's face before he threw an arm over Helena's shoulder, the two then walking away. 

"A fairytale life can be oh, so overrated. So raise your hands and let's get it activated." 

In one of Fairy Godmother's classes, Evie walked in with an apple in hand. She then placed the apple on the headmistress' podium, Fairy Godmother walking over and then taking a bite from it. 

"Long live having some fun, we take what we want. There's so many ways to be wicked. With us, evil lives on. The right side of wrong. There's so many ways to be wicked. Apple apple, dip dip. Wanna try it? Tick, tick. Take a bite, come on, be bold. Change the way the story's told!"

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