The moment Tomomi felt Mami’s hands slip themselves into between the girls’ bodies, she could feel her heart begin to pound with fear. Her fear only increased when she felt the hard shove. Her body flew backwards, breaking her grip with Mami before she landed backwards on the hard floor. A soft groan left her lips as she pushed herself up into a half laying and half sitting position. She turned her head slowly, her eyes looking at Mami as they shined with the hurt she felt.

“Mami…” Tomomi murmured weakly. The burst of courage she had just gotten had all but disappeared from her body. The shove had made any traces of courage or bravery disappear into thin air as if they’d never been there in the first place.

“Don’t touch me like that,” Mami growled out lowly to Tomomi. The brunette’s eyes widened and she could feel her heart beginning to beat harder. No… She didn’t want Mami to reject her. This was the first time Tomomi had found the courage to tell someone that she liked them; she didn’t want the attempt to end with rejection. She couldn’t handle it if it did.

“Why?” It was the only word Tomomi’s mind could think of to say. She wanted to say something – anything a bit more intelligent than that – but she couldn’t find any other words in her mind. Nothing coherent was forming for her.

“Because you have no idea what you’re doing.” Mami turned her head away from Tomomi, her hands curling themselves into fists. Why had she liked that? She shouldn’t have allowed herself to like that. It was wrong. Tomomi was an innocent person; Mami couldn’t do this to her.

“What do you mean? I know exactly what I’m doing.”

“No you don’t,” Mami snapped before Tomomi could say another word. The brunette squeaked softly, her eyes diverting down to the floor. She shifted her body, lifting it back into sitting in a cross-legged position.

“Mami, I know how naïve I am,” Tomomi began in a shaky voice that cracked and wavered. Her hands laid flat on her knees and she resisting the urge to dig her fingernails into her legs. “I don’t know everything about you and I don’t know everything about this life. But even so… I know what I’m doing.”

“You really don’t. You have no idea the trouble and danger you’d be getting yourself into.” Tomomi raised her eyes again, her breathing coming out slightly labored.

Mami wasn’t even giving her a chance. No one ever gave her a chance; no one ever believed Tomomi was capable of anything. The only thing anyone thought she was capable of was passing school and other such activities. But the more dangerous things? There was never any confidence for her. Was this really dangerous though? Tomomi didn’t see how much more dangerous being a girlfriend to Mami could be than how dangerous it already was being her friend.

“You’re better off with someone else who will keep you safer,” Mami continued. “And you deserve better too.” The last sentence had been whispered in a barely audible tone and Tomomi had barely been able to catch it. She had managed to hear it though and suddenly, the blonde shoving her away made sense.

“You say I don’t know what I’m getting myself into, but is that the real reason you pushed me away?” Tomomi’s eyes connected with Mami’s for a split second before the blonde scoffed and turned her head away from Tomomi. The brunette gulped hard, her fingernails finally digging themselves into her legs.

“I don’t want you getting hurt,” Mami told her truthfully. She looked back at Tomomi. “You and I are from two completely different worlds. It wouldn’t be right for me to drag you into mine.”

“Aren’t I already a part of your world?” Tomomi’s words had caught Mami off guard; she hadn’t been expecting something like that from the brunette. The teenager in front of Mami gave her a small smile. She took a deep breath, calling in her courage again as she inched towards Mami.

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