Chapter Twenty-One

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I heard Edward in our shower. He smelled like beer and a touch of smoke from the ball park. It covered his usual masculine, clean scent. I picked out a pair of khaki pants, a white button down and a navy-blue sport coat, no boxers. I also put a pair of his own glasses onto the bed with a note, asking him to meet me in his office.

Down in his office, I pulled out my props. I had a vibrator, my cell phone and a scarf that I could use as either a blindfold or to restrain his arms. The water upstairs turned off and I took a breath, wrapping the scarf around my neck and hiding my bare breasts. I picked up a book, trying to read, but failed miserably. I was growing wetter and more aroused with each passing minute.

Deep breaths, Swan. Role play is fun. Sexy teacher and naughty student ... what could be used as a punishment? The possibilities are endless.

I heard Edward move around upstairs. I steeled myself for sexual fun and got into character as the teacher, with Edward as my naughty, pervy student. His steps forced me to take another deep breath as the door to his office open. I turned so my back was to him, holding my book as a prop.

"Miss Swan?" he purred, his voice deep and smooth, like velvet. "I received your pass."

Oh, he's good.

"I'm glad you got it. I was afraid that you would have left after PE," I said, grimacing at my lame attempt to act. "How was the baseball game? Did you win?"

"Creamed them, Miss Swan," he chuckled. "They never stood a chance."

"Good, I'm glad, Mr. Cullen," I said, looking over my shoulder. I made sure the scarf still hid my goodies as I turned around. "Please, have a seat."

He sat down on one of the leather seats in front of his desk. I walked toward him, hopping up on the desk and crossing my leg, showing a fair bit of thigh and a bit of my bare bottom. "What's up, Miss Swan?"

"Mrs. Whitlock and Mr. Black were concerned, Mr. Cullen," I said, my face flushing. Edward eyes twinkled and his lips curled up into a coy grin. I put my hands on my lap, looking at him. He looked about ten years younger in the clothes I laid out and with his glasses. "Mr. Black said that you cheated on your history exam, passing notes back forth with your friend, Jasper. Then, Mrs. Whitlock said you were looking down, um, uh, Lauren's blouse. What do you have to say for yourself, sir?"

"I'm sorry, Miss Swan," he stammered, idly playing with his suit coat. "I had a late game last night and forgot to study for my test in history. Jasper gave me the notes. He's acing the class. I can't fail. I'd be ineligible to play baseball. We're good and have the possibility of going to state."

"And Lauren?" I pressed.

"I didn't look down her blouse. I swear!" he said, his eyes wide behind his glasses and his hands flying up, pleading his case. "I don't like Lauren. She reminds me too much of someone I used to know."

"An ex-girlfriend?" I smirked.

"Ewwww, no. My brother's ex-girlfriend. She was a total slut bag," he grimaced. "Besides, blondes don't do it for me."

"Really?" I cooed, a sexy smile on my lips.

"Brunettes, do," he said, a sly grin spreading over his handsome face. "In fact, Miss Swan, you're kind of my dream girl."

"Kind of?" I teased, leaning back.

"Okay, not kind of. You are my dream girl," he growled. "But, please, I can't fail history. What can I do? I can retake the test."

"I think I can come up with another solution, Mr. Cullen," I said, rolling my shoulders and giving him a glimpse of my breasts. "Do you know how to please a woman?" He swallowed thickly while nodding slowly. "Would you like please me?"

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