Chapter Twenty

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So, none of this is mine. I wrote the first chapter for a contest and now, I'm expanding it. What I own ... a condo and too many books. What I don't ... Twilight and all its characters.

Next chapter is Edward and Bella's housewarming party, some citrus and Lauren's drunken and debauchery, her version of a bachelorette party at her condo. Any ideas, please let me know ... Leave me some!

Chapter Twenty


Memorial Day was this weekend. And with that, we were having a long-awaited housewarming party at our new home. Mrs. Cope was working with my fiancée to make appetizers, side dishes and marinating steaks, chicken along with preparing hamburgers, brats and hot dogs. I was relegated to preparing the meat and cheese tray since I was still hopeless in the kitchen, which would likely remain unchanged. Bella was a wonderful cook, almost as good as my Nonni. On the other hand, I could handle cutting the various different types of cheeses and arranging the salami, pepperoni and prosciutto on the large tray Bella had placed in front of me.

Brainless work ... mostly.

Also, it was nice to have the house to ourselves. Once Alice and Jasper moved into their new house just down the street a couple weeks ago, Bella and I were able to reconnect on a level that had been neglected after Alice's assault. It just felt wrong to make love when there was a sexual assault survivor in the house, so we refrained from smexy times while they stayed with us.

Bella and I were both pervs and fucking proud of it. Once we were on our own, there was no flat surface, including the grand piano my mother gave to us as housewarming gift, that was not christened by our naked bodies.

Though, today, our house was going to be swarmed by family and friends. There would be no real time to have naked fun time with Bella. Like quality time ... I required hours, really. I wanted to give her orgasms she'd feel in her toes. Damn it, I was horny. I wanted to be inside her. Really, really badly. The blowjob she'd given me this morning ... not enough. I want her pussy. Fuck, I want it now!

God, I feel like I'm having a temper tantrum, throwing things so I could be inside of my fiancée. What's wrong with me?

"Edward, baby, you're going to chop off your finger," Bella giggled, her eyes dancing with humor.

"Huh?" I replied intelligently. And you have an MBA ... She walked over to me, taking the knife from my hand, which was dangerously close to my fingers. Blinking slowly and coming out of my hormonal fog, I asked, "What?"

"You were staring off into space, growling and grunting like you do when we're making love," she whispered, with a sweet giggle. "Mrs. Cope was embarrassed. She's going to the bathroom since she was the color of a tomato."

"Shit, I'm sorry," I blushed.

"Have fun in your erotic daydream, Mobward?" she teased, nudging with me her shoulder.

"I'd rather have fun with your pussy," I smirked. "Come here, dolce. Give me some of that sweetness between your legs."

"Behave, Edward," she whined, but her frustration was evident in her voice, her head falling to my shoulder. "In about two hours, this place will be filled with our friends, family and coworkers from your office. I cannot walk around with wet panties."

"Simple. Don't wear any," I quipped. Bella smacked my arm with an adorable scowl. "What?"

"Don't make me kick your ass, Edward Anthony," she growled. "Now, go check to see if the fridge in the outdoor kitchen is stocked with beer, wine and wine coolers."

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