Chapter Five

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So, none of this is mine. I wrote the first chapter for a contest and now, I'm expanding it. What I own ... a condo and too many books. What I don't ... Twilight and all its characters.

Rose is an uber bitch. Up next will dinner with the family and leading up to the benefit, possibly getting to the benefit. We're going to experience dinner in Edward's eyes and hear Bella's take on Edward's family later. Though, I think we can all agree that Rose is just downright rude. Just saying ...

In a review, someone asked how old Edward and Bella were. Edward is thirty-five and Bella is twenty-four. There's an eleven-year difference between the two of them, but Bella is an old soul.

Chapter Five


"Boss, you're going to bite off your thumb. Stop doing that," Jasper snorted, tugging my finger out of my mouth. I'd been nibbling on the nail, anxious to see Bella. I'd driven to my parents' house after making a very important purchase and received an angry text from my mother.

Rose has crossed the line ... she may need to be reminded how to behave. 'The Boss' needs to have a discussion with her. Not. Emmett. ~ Mom

I responded to her. What happened? I need to know the facts before I go all 'mafia' on her ass ~ E.C.

Mom sent me a diatribe about how she disrespected me in front of Bella and Alice. I replied to her saying that I'd have a conversation with her and that she needed to know that she wasn't in charge. She would be reminded of her place in this family. "Boss? You're growling."

"Is Emmett here?" I asked, looking over at him.

"I believe so," Jasper answered. "I think he's reading or working on the patio."

"Thanks, Jas," I nodded, getting up from the couch and walking through my parents' large mansion overlooking Lake Michigan. Emmett was working, typing on his laptop and reading files that were strewn on the table. "Emmett, can we talk?"

"Sure, Ed," he said, closing his laptop and placing it on top of the files. "That night club, Bound and Gagged, sounds intriguing. They're breaking ground this week. How did you manage to the plans approved so quickly?"

"I was motivated," I chuckled. "If things work out, the club will be up and ready to go by Valentine's Day. The owner said we're VIPs and would get all of the perks, therein." I sighed, sitting down across from him. I handed him my phone. "Read that."

He skimmed Mom's text and he grumbled lowly. "I'll talk to her, Edward," he said.

"No. You won't. She disrespected me and disrespected my girlfriend," I snapped. "She may not have to like me. Hell, I hate her guts, but I respect her because she's your wife. She will know that if she talks about me like that, there will be consequences."

"Are you going to kill my wife?" Emmett asked, his eyes wide.

"No, but she needs to know her place, Emmett. I'm going to be the head of this family. Not her. Her opinion doesn't mean shit to me, but I will be respected," I said, scrubbing my face. "Rose disrespected Bella, which is ... well, it's not fucking good, Emmett."

"But, isn't she just a date?" Emmett questioned, narrowing his eyes. He knew my history and even gave me shit because of my conquests and nightly visits to the Denali sisters. But, I expected that from him. He was my brother. And before he married Rosalie, he was doing the exact same fucking thing. I think he even had a threesome with Tanya and Irina.

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