Chapter One

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Summary: Edward Cullen is the heir-apparent to the most infamous crime families in Chicago. He was notorious for his time with his enemies, his many dates and his ruthless skill in the board room, the front for the illicit dealings of the Cullen Crime Consortium. However, to take over the family, his father reminded him about the stipulation that Edward needed to be married. Edward hated that stipulation, but he agreed to it and he had less than a year to make it a reality.

Isabella Swan is a struggling graduate student, working as a waitress in a local diner, The Swan Dive. On a chance meeting, Edward finds Bella to be enchanting and the perfect woman to marry. He makes an indecent proposal, suggesting marriage and paying for Bella's tuition, and then some. Will Bella accept his proposal, with the possibility of having her dreams come true, but married to a sexy, enigmatic rich businessman? Or will she figure out the truth, that her future-husband is Married to the Mob?

Pairing: Bella/Edward

Rating: M/NC-17

Disclaimer: All things Twilight belong solely to Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended

Married to the Mob

Chapter One


"Clean up on aisle six," I deadpanned, looking at the poor schmoe that I'd offed. His brains were scattered along the back wall of the dingy warehouse. I'd found out that he was trying to skim off some of the profits from numerous gun sales in the city and selling to kids.

That's a no-no.

Yes, I'm a part of the mob, but selling to kids was never a good thing.

"Jas, you got this?" I asked.

"I've got a crew on the way, boss," he said, smiling widely. Jasper was my right-hand man/bodyguard. Not that I needed one. I was the best shot in my family. "You were awesome, Edward. Mid-sentence and then, bam! He never saw it coming."

"Yeah, well," I shrugged. "Make sure that this is cleaned up and I'll see you back at the office. I need to work off some aggressions. His revelations pissed me off." I said as I gestured to the mess on the floor. I stuffed my gun back into my holster, leaving the warehouse. I drove to one of my long-time fuck-buddies, Kate. I fucked her for an hour, losing myself in her tight pussy and her breathless moans. When I was done, I felt much calmer and could start my day.

My legit business.

Yeah, I lived a double life.

By day, I was a businessman, a multi-millionaire, a real-estate mogul and venture capitalist. It was the cover for my less-than-stellar, highly illegal night job as the heir-apparent for the Cullen Crime Consortium. We dabbled in a lot of things, but our main focus was selling guns and drugs. My father, Carlisle Cullen, was the head of the family. He took over after his father, and my namesake, Edward Cullen, Sr., was killed by Aro Volturi, our arch nemesis. We took revenge, killing Aro. His moronic grandson, Marcus, took over and things had not been the same for the Volturi since. However, we kept a close eye on their dealings. Marcus tended to partner with people smarter than him.

I stopped at my penthouse apartment, changing out of black clothing and showering. I put on a crisp grey suit, driving to Cullen Towers and riding up to my lavish penthouse office. Angela, my personal assistant, was waiting at the elevator. "Mr. Cullen, I'm so glad you're here." She handed me my coffee and walked with me. "We've had several offers on that large building on the near-north."

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