Chapter Thirteen

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So, none of this is mine. I wrote the first chapter for a contest and now, I'm expanding it. What I own ... a condo and too many books. What I don't ... Twilight and all its characters.

Up next will be back to reality and a jump in time. Probably closer to Valentine's day ... and the grand opening of Bound and Gagged. Now, this will not turn into a BDSM story. I'm not into that. But, it will be lead to some pervy times for our two lovebirds.

Chapter Thirteen


A month passed. Bella slowly got better and bitchier. I loved her more than words could describe, but she was hell on wheels while she was sick. We stayed with my parents for two weeks. Then, we went back to the condo. She tried to do some house work and ended up with a minor relapse. She wasn't as sick as she was before, but she was angry and frustrated. She wanted to contribute to the household. She needed to feel productive, but I was terrified she'd get sick again.

We had a huge fight when I caught her cleaning the house, standing on a ladder while dusting the chandelier in the foyer. She called me an overbearing, controlling asshole. I spat back that she was acting like an irresponsible shrew. Shortly after our fight, she collapsed in the shower, dizzy and shaky. She sobbed and apologized, saying that she had pushed herself too far. I held her as Alice stitched up a minor laceration on her arm. Bella wanted to have makeup sex, but I said no. When the time was right, we'd be able to make love again, but it wasn't now.

We spent Valentine's Day at the house. Bella was still too weak to do much. We'd been invited to the grand opening to Bound and Gagged, but with Bella feeling under the weather, I had to decline the invite, but I said that we would come once my fiancée was feeling better. Emmett did go to the opening and he said that he was impressed. It was going to be a moneymaker, that was for certain. When I saw the spreadsheets and totals from that opening weekend, I was pleased to see my initial investment recuperated in one weekend.

Bella did reach out to her advisor regarding her classes. Two classes could be taken as an independent study and online. Working with her professors, Bella began the work for her modified classes. She'd have to write two major papers, but she'd welcomed the challenge. If the papers were well-received, they would be published in some psychology magazine.

When she wasn't working on her papers, Bella was planning our wedding. We were going to have a proper engagement photo shoot and send out 'save the date' by the end of March for our wedding that would be happening by mid-August. Bella would be going back to school after Labor Day, which would leave us two weeks for a proper honeymoon. I wanted to show her the world ...

I was working in my office, typing up some contracts and researching some prospective investment opportunities. Angela came in, her face pale. "Ang? What's up?"

"I went to get the mail, Boss, and um ..." she sputtered. She walked over to me and grabbed my wrist. She tugged me to her desk and pointed to an array of photos littered on her desk. I reached into my pocket and put on a pair of gloves, picking up each photo. I could see why Angela was pale. There were pictures of Bella, Alice, my mother, Sue and Leah. Glued onto the photos were disgusting threats. One photo was even photo shopped to make it look like Bella had been violated, bleeding from every orifice and covered in ... well, you could imagine.

"Was there a note?" I asked, my voice deadly. Angela nodded, pointing to the manila envelope. I picked it up, pulling out a typed letter.

Dear Mr. Cullen,

Do we have your attention now? If you don't step down and step away from your family business, these threats will come to fruition to the women in your family. I will take the greatest pleasure fucking every one of your beloved fiancée's holes until she dies. She's nothing but a whore.

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