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So, none of this is mine. I wrote the first chapter for a contest and now, I'm expanding it. What I own ... a condo and too many books. What I don't ... Twilight and all its characters.

And that's all she wrote. They're married and they got their happily ever after. We're going to have an epilogue and then the sequel will probably begin in the summer. A few words of appreciation before we get to the final chapter of Married to the Mob ... first off, thank you to Christina Downs for betaing my submission for "We <3 Mobward" contest. She polished my words, making them shine.

Chapter Thirty: Epilogue


"I'm surprised you chose a beach locale for our honeymoon," Bella said as she lay on the teak chaise lounge. Her eyes were covered by large sunglasses. "With your injuries, I'd figure you want to stay out of the sun."

"I am out of the sun," I said, from my spot underneath a palm umbrella. I also had on a t-shirt, hiding my scarred back. I knew I was destined to have a 'farmer's tan' for the rest of my life, or until I could be more comfortable in my own skin. I was fine with Bella seeing me. She loved me, accepted me for who I was and never judged me. Granted, she still felt like my scar was a cruel reminder of my ordeal. She would look at it, with anger in her eyes, but she'd calm down when I reminded her that I was okay, alive and so very much in love with her.

"Well, regardless, I'm happy we're here. When I looked at the weather in Chicago, I saw that it was a whopping two degrees as the high," Bella giggled, looking at me. "I took a picture of our villa and sent it to our family."

"What did they have to say?" I snickered, closing my book and quirking my lips into a crooked grin.

"I got a lot of texts of middle fingers and fuck you's," Bella answered, picking up her magazine and flipping through it. We'd been on Turtle Island in Fiji for almost two weeks. The first couple of days, we made love and recuperated from the nearly twenty-four-hour flight. We were staying on the island for a month, staying in a secluded villa. We only interacted with the employees when we decided to go to the main resort for a meal or for any of the planned activities, like zip-lining, horse-back riding or scuba diving.

"You're poking the bear, Bella," I laughed, getting up and slipping my legs into the warm water of our private pool. "Emmett hates the cold. He'd rather eat himself out of house and home and hibernate during the winter."

"What about you?" she asked, sliding into the water, swimming between my legs. I eased into the water, holding her in my arms. "Hmmmmm?"

"I'm like Emmett. I'm not a fan of the cold, but I don't want to hibernate. Instead, I find ways to keep my mind occupied. Have you ever skied?" I asked.

"Edward, I can barely walk on flat surface. You think strapping some wood on my feet and sending me down a mountain would be wise?" she giggled. "I'd probably break my neck."

"I think you'd like it," I said, untying her bikini top.

"What are you doing?" she asked, arching a brow.

"Heaven forbid you get tan lines, baby," I said, removing her bikini. I ran my fingers along her spine and moved my hands to her breasts.

"You just wanted to see my tits," she smiled. "But, my cooter is sore. Too much love-making."

"I'm sore, too. I'm old," I laughed. "But, that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy the view."

"Perv," she said, turning around and leaning against me, her legs floating up and her nearly naked body glistening in the warm water and the sun. "But, you're my perv."

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