Chapter Sixteen

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So, none of this is mine. I wrote the first chapter for a contest and now, I'm expanding it. What I own ... a condo and too many books. What I don't ... Twilight and all its characters.

Chapter Sixteen


"Edward, come on!" Bella whined, her voice raspy and tired. She was on the mend from her second bout of pneumonia and was cleared to visit her uncle. He'd been released three days ago and was staying with my parents. My mom totally spoiled him, giving him a lavish suite, complete with a living room, a huge bedroom and modified bathroom, for his medical needs. Across the hall from his suite was a gym for his rehabilitation. All of the guys, at some point, had used it. I think I was the last person to actually make use of the rehab facility. I'd gotten grazed in the arm about a year prior to meeting my Bella.

"I'm coming, cara," I said, smoothing my button-down. I slid on my glasses, put on my gun around my ankle and swiped my wallet. Bella was in the living room, perusing some website on her tablet. She rolled her eyes when she saw me. "What?"

"You are such a girl," she snickered. "Did you coordinate your weaponry with your clothes?"

"Pssh, no," I said, grabbing my leather jacket. Okay, maybe? "I need to make sure that my baby's safe."

She narrowed her eyes at me. "You were coordinating your guns with your outfit. Come on, fashionista. I want to see my uncle. I made him his favorite."

"What's that?" I asked as I watched her pick up a plastic container.

"Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting," she smirked. "And because you took your sorry time, you're not getting any."

"Bella," I whined.

"Not attractive, Mobward," she cackled, tugging on a jacket and making her way toward the door, her cupcakes in tow. I scowled, following her and opening the door. We rode down to the parking garage. Jake was waiting for us in the bulletproof car. Driving to my parents' home, we arrived about an hour later. Bella snoozed, still tired from her relapse of pneumonia. I gently nudged her awake and she blinked sleepily. "Sorry. Did I drool?"

"No, dolce," I chuckled, kissing her forehead. "Snored a little."

"A little?" Jake deadpanned.

"No cupcakes for you, either, Black," she snarled. She picked up the cupcake container, sliding out of the car and stomping toward the front door of my parents' estate.

"Jake, if you want a girlfriend, you have to learn to lie," I sighed, scrubbing my face.

"She sounded like a fucking freight train," Jake laughed.

"That may be so, but no woman wants to know that. And you know she's been sick," I retorted, rolling my eyes. "I'm certain that the woman you want to be with will probably overlook your farting in bed if you lie about her snoring." I followed Bella into the house while Jake parked the car in the garage.

I found Bella in the living room, her arms around her uncle's neck and she was clinging to him. He was smiling softly, holding on to her just as tightly. "Everything okay?" I asked my mom, who was hovering near the entryway.

"It's so sweet," she smiled. "Physically, Jimmy was doing fine, but his entire face lit up when he laid eyes on her. They have such a close relationship." Mom turned, kissing me on the cheek. "Emmett's on his way with Garrett and his girlfriend. Alice is doing a final inspection of the rehab gym for Jimmy and Jasper is in the office with your father."

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