Chapter Nineteen

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So, none of this is mine. I wrote the first chapter for a contest and now, I'm expanding it. What I own ... a condo and too many books. What I don't ... Twilight and all its characters.

Before I post the update ... a PSA ... I hate to say this, but I think with the return to school, my writing time has become sorely limited. I was hoping to keep up the weekly update schedule for Married to the Mob, but I can't. So, with that, updates will come EVERY OTHER week. Next week, it will be a teaser, with the update coming the following week. I'm truly sorry, but life, RL life is kicking my ass.

Next chapter, we're going to have Bella's fitting for her dress, choosing flowers with Jimmy and Esme, and some reprisals from Stephan.

Chapter Nineteen


"Bella, this dress is absolutely gorgeous," Jimmy crooned. He was out of the wheelchair and using crutches. Though, he had to sit for long periods of time, he was moving around easier. Esme wouldn't let him leave the house. Something about his apartment being condemned or something. "Your father would be so proud of you."

"And we're adding crystals along the neckline and along these folds near the thigh," Lauren said. "It's very subtle, but high-end with the quality of crystals. Oh, and just above the bustle, too." She turned me around, pointing to where the crystals would be just below my ass.

"Lauren, this has got to be one of the most gorgeous dresses I'd ever seen," Esme beamed. "Simple, elegant, but sexy, too."

"It helps that I've got a gorgeous bride," Lauren quipped. "I'm also working on the bridesmaid dresses, too. They'll be a similar shape, but in a deep crimson with crystal sashes. How many bridesmaids are you having?"

"You, Alice, Leah and Emily, my uncle's nurse, but she's become a close friend" I said.

"You're having Leah as a bridesmaid?" Jimmy asked.

"I spoke to Sue the other day while you were doing your physical therapy. I also FaceTimed with Leah, asking her. She was confused, but when I explained she'd be wearing a princess dress, she was all for it," I snickered. Lauren was confused. "Leah has a developmental delay. She's a sweet, sweet girl, but she has the mental capacity of a child. With her dress, if you could make the skirt fuller? Not as form-fitted and some straps, too?"

"Definitely. I'll make Leah a princess dress," Lauren smiled. "She's Seth's sister?"

"Yeah," I nodded. "How did you know?"

"When I designed the dress for Emmett's ex-wife, Seth came with her. We chatted about our siblings. I have a younger brother who is autistic, named Riley. He will always be with my family, or with me. He struggles. On top of the autism, he's a savant and very OCD. I love my brother and always will, but he needs constant supervision and care," Lauren said. "One of his triggers is touch. He can't wear anything rough or he goes into a complete melt-down. If I can get Sue's phone number so I can talk to her about Leah's dress?"

I shot a look to Esme, who subtly shaking her head. "We'll have her call you or we'll make arrangements for a phone call," I said.

"Gotcha," Lauren smirked. She was aware, to an extent, about the Cullen connections, but she was trustworthy. I also know that Emmett was talking to her, flirting a bit with her and they'd gone out for coffee and lunch a couple of times. Who knows if something comes of it, but from the blush on Lauren's face and Emmett's goofy smile, things were looking up. "Now, have you thought about a veil?"

"For the church, we need to have a cathedral length veil," Esme said. "Very traditional." I wrinkled my nose. "Sorry, Bella."

"It's okay. I know that things are very traditional in the Catholic church, but as long as I can take it off for the reception," I said.

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