Chapter Two

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Y/n= your name
L/n= last name
E/c= eye color
H/c= hair color
H/l= hair length
H/s= hair style
M/n= mom's name
F/f= favorite food
F/c= favorite color
A/c= any color
~more could be added later on in the story~

Blaze POV

After Aphmau, Daniel, Katelyn, Travis, and that new girl named y/n picked out our clubs we all headed back to our classrooms.

"Ok class it is now first bell. Most of you have the same first bell as your homeroom. You will notice that some of your fellow students aren't here and that's why." Mr. Gavin said.

I noticed Daniel and y/n were talking a lot about something.

"Ahem. Daniel, y/n. Quite please." Mr. Gavin interrupted.

"S-Sorry!" Y/n said nervously.

"You're new here aren't you?" Mr. Gavin asked her. She just nodded and stared at the floor.

"Why don't you share somethings about yourself before we start the class." Mr. Gavin said.

Her e/c eyes widened and a light pink shown on her face. She was clearly embarrassed. I felt bad.

"" She mumbled as she stood up.

Mr.Gavin then motioned for her to go the front of the room. She let out a shaky breath and walked up there. I adjusted myself in my set. This had to be reeeeeally uncomfortable.

"Uh....H-hi I'm y-y/n a-and I just mov-ved here recently." She stuttered.

She sounded kinda cute...woah Blaze you just met the girl. Let's get to know her first. I thought.

She explained a few things about herself like where she moved too and where she moved from. She actually moved close to where I live.

"Thank you that will be all y/n" Mr. Gavin dismissed her back to her seat.

I could tell she was really embarrassed. She had her face buried in her hands and it looked like she was shaking.

"You did great!" I whispered to her giving her a thumbs up. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Alright students before class ends we will be assigning seats." Mr. Gavin said in return he received the grumbling of the annoyed students.

"Everyone gather you things and stand at the front of the room and wait for your name to be called." Mr.Gavin instructed.

I gathered my unorganized mess of things and stood at the front of the room with y/n and Daniel.

"Daniel you will be sitting in this seat right here." Mr.Gavin said as he tapped on a desk in the front while looking at the seating chart.

"Ein you will be next to him in this seat."

Who is that? A werewolf with a streak of blue in his dark hair and a piercing in one of his blueish grey ears took a seat next to Daniel.

He must have been the new kid I heard about. I'm pretty sure he is the omega so I don't think he will be any trouble.

Mr.Gavin continued to call off names until me, y/n, and some guy I never seen before were left.

"Cameron you will be in that back corner, y/n you will be next to him, Blaze you will be seated to y/n's right." Mr. Gavin finished up. We all took our seats and waited for the bell to ring.

"You have five minutes till the bell rings so feel free to talk to the people around you. Do NOT get out of your seat until the bell rings." Mr.Gavin stated as he took a seat at his desk.

"Cool! We get to be seat buddies!" I said to y/n which made her jump slightly.

"Oh heh yeah!" She still seemed tense from earlier. That other guy named Cameron seemed to notice too.

"Hey it's all cool. You did just fine." He told her.

"Hmm maybe." She mumbled. "What's your name by the way? I don't think I caught it." Y/n asked him.

"Hmm oh it's Cameron but you can call me Cam." He said to both of us.

"I'm Blaze and that's y/n. You new here? Freshmen maybe?" I asked.

"Hahaha no not a freshmen. I am new here though. Me and three of my other friends moved here a while ago." He answered. Y/n and I just nodded.

"This is a bit forward and really weird but do you guys all wanna be friends?" Y/n said laughing a bit.

"Heh sure why not." Cam said laughing too.

"Heck yeah!" I said making the other two laugh. We all exchanged numbers as the bell rang.

Afterwards, Cameron ran off and met up with a meif'wa girl with purple hair and blue eyes, a boy meif'wa with light brown hair with green eyes and black ears and a tail similar to the girl's, and a werewolf girl with this pinkish purple hair that fades into white with aqua eyes and grey ears and tail leaving me alone with y/n.

I saw Daniel run off with Dottie and Rylan so it was still just me and y/n walking awkwardly down the hallway.

"So what class do you have next?" I asked breaking the silence.

"Science." She said looking at her schedule. I looked at mine and saw I had science too.

"Same!" I said with my ears perked up.

"Cool! Shall we go then?" She asked.

"Sure." I said as we continued down the hallway to science.

Time skip made possible by...

Blaze and I just got out of science, it was so fun. I laughed so hard. Blaze made me laugh several times throughout the class. Doing silly things like putting his glasses on wrong or reading his textbook we got upside down. He actually looks pretty good with glasses. I never expected someone like Blaze to have glasses.
We compared our schedules to each other's and it turns out we have the next three classes together and lunch!
I'm really starting to like Blaze... AS A FRIEND.

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