{Borkfriend Blaze} Blaze X Reader

{Borkfriend Blaze} Blaze X Reader

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Skylar+Abby+Lily By Kupcake_Productions Completed


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Y/n L/n, a female werewolf, is now a freshman at PDH. She unexpectedly joins her cousin Daniel in this high school adventure. Her freshman year takes an unexpected turn that's full of surprises and mysteries. 

All characters belong to Aphmau besides a few original characters that belong to me and my friends. 

Warning: fowl language, boyxboy and girlxgirl ahead. You don't like it. Don't read this book. Ships that you might not like are in this story. Please don't complain or rage about it. Thanks. 
(I will be spelling names how I want. Don't complain or correct me I'm aware how things are spelled but I'm the writer of this story here not you :/ sorry) 

-Lily~Sama member to KP

Cover by Lily~Chan
(Cover update!)

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