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I couldn't stand just sitting around watching her. Shed been pacing back and forth in Hunters bedroom for hours. I glance at the alarm clock beside the bed, its 11:42 pm. Elena didn't know shed be spending the night alone but I did. It just so happens Hunter forgot the time in our world lapses over the humans by a whole two days. He wouldnt be back for awhile. the thought of seeing Elena freaking out and call the cops for a missing persons report played in my head. Stupid seekers never learn.

   I sat on the floor waiting for Elena to finally do something other then this back and forth it was kinda making me dizzy. As my thoughts continued to swirl inside my head she suddenly stopped, fell back on hunters bed and passed out.

I shook my head and laughed .....shed be the only one sleeping tonight. With all the knowledge I had gain today not only about her past but mine as well I couldn't even think. I felt something...a feeling of something bad to happen soon. Sure I got this feeling a lot but this was different. Its like someone or something was coming and they were moving really fast.

  I jumped to my feet hand on blade the instant I heard the front door shut below us. The sound wasn't possibly loud enough to wake a sleeping human. I could hear drawers opening cupboards being shut. who ever was down there was looking for something specific and they didn't plan on leaving without it.

   The intruder was making his way up the stairs and down the hallway, checking  every door along the way. When he finally got close enough I could read him like a book. His face ovaled, eyes shaped like almonds. His eyes were blue and his hair black. His clothes were new just recently bought or stolen.  His memorys were clear to, abandoned as a child never being loved and living in a car next to the forth corner bridge. I loved that bridge I spent my days off there and sometimes it helped forget who I am.

Stop it brandi! snap back.

The intruder stood behind the bedroom door. I wish I could wake up Arella but I cant. why was I thinking like this....stop it.

The intruder opened the door slowly in order not to make a sound. he approach the bed and examined her face. But he shook his head. he looked back out the door and waved for someone else to come in but I couldn't feel another presence was he nuts?

  No I was my senses were wrong. in strolled a man in a long black cloak. What were they doing here? They talked in another, laguage one unfamiliar to my world or the human. It was new but from where?

   I watched them curiously they put some kind of spell on her it sounded almost like a seekers sleep spell. if they were seekers I was in trouble.. They tied her hands together and tied her legs together.

I couldn't watch what the cloak man wass doing it disgust me, how some man could touch an unknown woman like that. or was she unknown to him. It didn't matter she was still gonna be hurt.

Brandi! Your not suppose to feel sorry for her you should be laughing!

But I wasn't. Poor Elena sure she didn't know me but I knew her and I want to help so much...if I did they'd kill me in an instant.

I ran from the room trying to make sure they couldn't see me. merely a blur to the seekers eye. I was almost ready to open a portal and get help, I was grabbed from behind. as long as my fate wasn't like the groping Elena was getting or death, Id be happy. I began to chuckle as the stranger pulled me back up stairs to who the hell knows what. It was funny right I killed their race once and karma was coming back.

I guess you can say Id been laughing inside all along.

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