living hell

living hell

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Brandi Jensen By chicajen Updated May 28, 2015

she was crying.


In the dark.

Was she ok? What was wrong? Could she see me standing here watching tears slowly rolling down her cheeks. I wanted to hug her and tell her everything would be ok but she wouldn't even be able to see me how would she feel me. It sucks sometimes being a nice demon. Watching people get hurt cause of your own dirty deeds.

That's right I'm a demon my names Brandi and the girl crying in front of me is Elena. My mission has been to fill her life with torture since she was age six. Its been hard to watch her suffer cause of me, not only cause I've put her through hell her whole life, but because as I sit here and listen to her tears hitting the pavement in this black night. I feel like I am her cause, I'm the one living her life with her.

Its funny right a demon with human feelings isnt possible. The feel of watching her cry built up in me and I became upset when it wouldn't go away. What was she crying about she had a loving family, a boyfriend, and a ...