dark alleys and dusty streets

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This city was dark. Full of the ugliest souls a demon could ever see. I knew walking around this town wasn't safe for Elena but what was I gonna do? Even if I yelled at the top of my lungs  to not go down her usually route home, she wouldn't have been able to hear me.

   I knew every turn she would make, every store she would stop and look at, I knew it all her future and her thoughts. I bet it would scare her if she knew I could read her like an open book. I followed smiling to myself as she continued walking right into the trap I had set for her.

Mind control, it was my favorite power. I could enter another beings open mind and tell them what I wanted them to do and this time I controlled the mugger. Little did Elena know, he was hiding in the next alley waiting for her. I laughed to myself as I imagined him getting excited at the chance to have her in his clutches.

I watched her turn the corner never expecting her attacker as he grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth with his hand. "Give me everything you have" he whispered in her ear as her struggle to be released grew. I loved watching the struggle she put forth against my minion, the very image of her breath slowly being drained from her lungs put my emotions on a rollercoaster, but somewhere deep inside that feeling of misery and sympathy crept.

It wasn't long till I saw her body go limp. Her breathing was barely noticeable, I could hear her heart beat through the silent night, as the mugger ran away with everything she had. Even her great grandmothers gold necklace she held dearly to her. But it was gone now and I felt the joy rise in my heart knowing that she would be ruined when she found out in the morning. I knelt beside her and touched her cheek, "stupid girl you never learn. things aren't always what you except" I whispered. With the quiet night at its peak I layed across the alley from her and fell asleep.

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