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"That's right she's our queen" he said with a devious little smile. I couldn't believe him he wasn't telling the truth. "Your lying" I snapped back, "I know her whole future I've seen it all."

"Well" hunter exclaimed, "Maybe you didn't pay enough attention to her when you were looking into her future instead you were reflecting on your own miserable life like how you'll never have someone to love or your own family" he laughed, "your pathetic just like the rest of your kind."

    I heard enough of his annoying talk. I threw the blade at him knowing his every move.... or so I thought. The blade was inches from hitting his chest directly where his heart would have been killing him in an instant. He caught it. He caught the sharp curve of my blade and blood trickled from his hand and He dropped the knife to the ground. I felt myself smiling at the sight of seekers blood. He stood still just starring at his new wound as it stained the tan carpet below him. I watched it run and drip over and over again.

"Hunter!" Elena gasped as she came running through the door, "are you ok? what happened?"

Hunter looked at her surprised as she quickly grabbed his hand and looked at it. he pulled his hand away in pain "Nothing I just fell be careful I think there's a nail or something in the floor."

"Come on let's go get you cleaned up" Elena smiled at him as she pulled him towards the door.

   I couldn't help but laugh at him " nice excuse dumbass." I said as Elena dragged him across the room. He gave me one final glance before he was out of my view. 

   My favorite fact about this moment is he couldn't talk back it made me happy to know that if he did, Elena would think he's nuts. Well he is nuts but she doesn't know that yet....and now I have two souls to torture.

Todays gonna be fun.

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