Soul seeker

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The seekers were a colonial religion who belived it was right to marry humans for their souls. but in the claim war between demons, the angels and the seekers, the seekers lost everything and everyone no seekers remained or atleast so says our history books.

So ....No he couldn't be. no. no. It just wasn't possible the soul seekers died off years ago. Their whole race was taken out in the claim war! But sitting here now with him looking straight at me I became scared.

"Hunter" Elena giggled, "I'm over here." She placed her hand on his cheek and turned his face towards her own. "what were you looking at?"

"Nothing" he replied smiling back and leaning in to rest his lips apon hers," breakfast?" he asked. She nodded and hoped out of the bed

"I can handle it you rest, you must have been up late taking care of me" she said as she skipped out the door and down the hall.

Oh the things that could happen when she reached the stairs and in the kitchen , I could trip her, burn her lock her in the cabinet. My heart leaped with joy at the thought of it all. I was ready for another day if misery.

I went to follow her but was pulled back by my arm. he'd grabbed my arm. So he can see me! I looked at him with wide eyes. "how?" I asked quietly. "You already know," he replyed with a smirk "I'm a seeker."

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