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I was scared.

For once in my life.

I had gained all my memories back and not even in those, during a war for god sake was I this scared.

The boy with the striking blue eyes threw me into the corner of the room. I looked over to see they'd drugged Elena out cold. I looked up at the two men, "what do w-want." I asked them fear in my shaking voice.

"We want the boy." The man in the large coat had spoke his voice deep, frightening me a bit as I got goosebumps.

"What boy?"

"The seeker boy"

"Hunter?" I asked slightly confused.

"Is he the seeker soldier? We were sent here to find him and our queen, but the coordinates he has given us led us here to some human and a demon..." he spit at the ground in front of me.

"This 'human' that you see in front of you is your queen moron" I replied shaking my head laughing. Suddenly my face began to sting from the impact of being punched. I looked up to see the younger boy pulling the man away from me and whispering to him. They younger man untied Elena and picked her off the bed.

"You cant take her!" I yelled at them as they made their way towards the door.

"And why not?" The man asked looking at me ferious.

"I'm Brandi Jensen! her demon, she stays with me!"

Brandi you idiot why would you tell them that...

"She's the one who killed the queen sir!" The young boy yelled.

"Well I guess your coming with then aren't you?" He said, smirking as he lifted his gun pointing it at me.

The gun shot a dart right into my leg and as my vision faded I saw them open a portal. To where? I guess I was gonna find out.

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