knock, knock

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Someone was here and they were pounding on the door like crazy. Elena rose from hunters couch where shed been sitting alone the last twenty minutes. she made her way to the abused door at the other side of the room. she opened the door slowly scared to find who was on the otherside of the door.

  It was Stephanie, Elenas best friend and  she was drench, but that didn't stop her from throwing her arms around Elena.

"Don't you answer the fuckin phone?!" she yell as she pushed Elena away. Jesus I leave for two hours comeback and drama begins again. how does this work.

  Somewhere in the house I heard a door click open. Through the door came Hunter followed by Alex. Hunter loosly wrapped his arm around Elena who gently grabbed his hand. It made me sick all their lovey dovey shit and the fact that I may never have it.

I shook my head. There was laughter behind me I turned around and saw andy looking at me. " can I help u? something funny?" I asked, "your reaction" he said as his laughter  continued.

"Stop laughing then"

"Make me"he said when from out of nowhere I heard another voice "both you knock it off before I knock it off for you" my eyes grew wide and when I turned it was Stephanie speaking and she looked right back at me. she wasn't gonna let Elena see her was she? could she see me in the first place? wait a minute she's one too?

Son of a Bitch.

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