A turning point; chapter 8

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Eric took Amanda for an early lunch. After that, they went for a movie which ended at around 4. "Hey, its still early, where are you bringing me to later?" Amanda asked. "You'll know, i'm not telling you anything." Eric smiled. Eric brought Amanda to a beach later on.

"So you wanted to bring me here, to see sunset?" Amanda said, looking into Eric's eyes. "Bingo, my lady." Eric said, smiling. They chose a spot and sat down under a tree. "Hey, don't tell Zoey, kay?" Amanda said. "Sure, i have my plans anyway. Tomorrow be in school at the same time. I'll come earlier. When i come, i will message you and then you come to the gate to find me. Lets surprise her." Eric smiled, stroking Amanda's hair. Amanda nodded.

They were chatting about random things, all too soon, the sun was setting soon. "Beautiful.." Amanda 'wow-ed'. "Just like you." Eric replied, and they both blushed. After the sunset, Eric brought Amanda to a fine dining restaurant for dinner. After dinner, Eric sent Amanda home. Before Amanda stepped into her house, she reminded Eric, "Remember, do not tell Zoey! And message me tomorrow morning." "Yes i won't tell her and i will message you to come, then give her a surprise. Imagine her reaction. She's going to scream." Eric finished and they laughed. Eric kissed Amanda on the cheeks and made sure she went into the house before leaving.

"Hey, so how so how ? YOU GOT HER RIGHT?" Zoey exclaimed. "Ahhh, dun mention about it. I failed. Glad i told after her after the date." Eric said, fustrated. "W-WHAT?! YOU FAILED? How can that be? I was sure she forgotten that jerk!" Zoey yelled. "Forget it. Don't ask. I'm tired, i'm going to bed first. Bye" Eric said. "B-bye." Zoey replied and they hung up. "I was sure..." Zoey said aloud.

The next day, Zoey met up with Amanda as usual for school. "I know you want to ask. I can see from your face." Amanda started. "Yes, i wanted to ask Why did you reject Eric?!" Amanda smiled a little. "I don't know, i guess i just wasn't ready. But i was glad he asked after the day, or i would reconsider going out with him." Amanda said, and they laughed. Amanda was laughing at how Eric and herself could fool Zoey.

When they reached school, they sat at the usual spot. Amanda's phone vibrated and she flashed out her phone. Eric: I'm coming! "Hey, i'm going to the toilet first, urgent. You wait here." Amanda said and ran away before Zoey could say anything. Just as she was about to go find Amanda, she dropped her jaws. Eric was holding Amanda's hand as they emerged from the corridors.

"OH. MY. GOD. ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Zoey practically screamed. "Yes, yes. I knew you two planned this all along. Just that i played along." Amanda beamed. "How the heck did you... EH WAIT, TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!" Zoey yelled at the top of her voice, banging the table. People around us turned to look. "Opps, hey hurry, tell me, stop making me wait. Tell me tell me!" Amanda and Eric spend a whole 30 minutes explaning what happened. We were all laughing and Zoey was cheering. When all the laughing and cheering stopped, Amanda turned to look who's behind.

Amanda's face turned sour immedately when she saw who was beihind."B. Uh, i mean, Amanda, i want to talk to you." Charles spoke. "You don't have the rights to." Zoey said. Eric was silent but his eyes was fixed on Charles's eyes. "Its okay, lets go." Amanda faced Charles and he extended his hand to let Amanda walk first. Eric grabbed Amanda's hand, "Don't go." Eric's eyes was now on Amanda and it softened.

Memories flowed back to Amanda. Weeks ago, it was Amanda who held Eric's hand and stopped him from looking for Charles. Now its the other way round.

"5 minutes. I promise." Amanda said. Eric let go of her hands, "Okay, call me if anything happens." Eric smiled at Amanda and glared at Charles. Charles led Amanda to the 2nd floor, and they were alone. "B, I'm sorry for taking you for granted. I'm really sorry." Charles spoke softly. Amanda turned around to face him. "And so? Please stop calling me B, i'm not fit to be one." Amanda said coldly. One minute has past. "Sorry... I was wrong, not you. I should not have ignored your message. I should not have sent you that message. Its all my fault." Charles spoke, reaching out for Amanda. Amanda took a step back. Another minute. "So? You took me for granted, on our 5th month, you was still talking to those two girls. When i was sad, i needed you, where were you? When i messaged you, you didn't reply, what were you doing? When i was crying and needed your comfort, where were you? You were with Angie and Sandy. Now you want me back, Charles, i'm not your toy." Two minute has past.

Sneak peak!

"Amanda, please don't go. I realized i was in the wrong, tell me how can i make it up to you?" Charles pleaded. "Let go of me. Don't touch me. The moment you sent that message, we're over. Get this straight, i am with Eric now, and if you need me, i don't need you." Charles turned Amanda around to face him. "Look at me B, look into my eyes. I'm going to tell you straight in your eyes. I'm. Going. To. Snatch. You. Back. From. Eric. Charles's lips almost met Amanda's.

How would Amanda react? Who would she eventually choose?


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