A turning point; chapter 1

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"Amanda, I'm here!" exclaimed her boyfriend, Charles. Amanda skipped forward and leaped into his arms, reaching up and planted a kiss on his lips. Charles winked at her and took out a pair of movie tickets and waved in the air, "Lets go for a meal first, where do you want to dine at?" Amanda smiled excitedly, "Anywhere will do, as long as we're together." Charles took Amanda's hand and led her to My Heaven for lunch

It was 12 in the afternoon and usually office workers are released for lunch breaks at 1. "How many seats, sir?" A waitress's voice came from their backs as they were viewing the menu. "Two please." Charles replied with a smile. There was no need to queue as couple seats were available. The waitress led us into the restaurant with a hand gesture, motioning us to sit on the couple seat in front of us. She walked to the counter and returned with 2 menu.

"B, what do you want to eat? They're famous for their fish fillet." Charles questioned. "Hmmm, I think i'll have a fish fillet and a cup of hot chocolate, how about you, B?" Amanda replied with a smile. "I'll take the same", Charles said and raised his hands up like answering a question posed by a teacher in class. The same waiter walked back, taking up a notepad and a pen from her pocket of her uniform. "Yes, what would you like to have?" She asked politely. "Please give me 2 sets of fish fillet and 2 cups of hot chocolate, thank you" Charles replied and they exchanged a smile, with that, she walked off and leaving us alone again.

"What are we watching later for movie, B?" Amanda asked while she looked around the restaurant. The restaurant was dimly lighted, playing soft music, creating the right ambiance. A perfect place for Amanda and Charles to have a perfect lunch. "I'm not telling you yet, but I'm very sure you would love it." Charles said with another wink. Amanda giggled and the food came.

The waitress placed the main course and drinks on the table, said, "Please enjoy your meal", before walking off. As usual, we would be talking everything under the sky and they really did enjoy the meal for the fish fillet was delicious. Charles paid for the meal and he took Amanda's hand and led her to the cinema.

Charles took a glance at his watch, showing 1.10. "Oh we're just in time for the movie, its about to start, lets hurry!" He pulled Amanda, passed the tickets to the ticket boy, tore it, returned him the ticket and they're walking to hall 6. "Just what are we watching ?" Amanda asked, in a suspicious tone. "You'll see." Charles said and kissed Amanda's forehead.

The movie started and on the screen, it flashed: PS, I love you. "Oh my gosh, Charles I LOVE YOU! How did you know i wanted to watch this movie?" Amanda asked in surprise, blinking a few times to clear the tears forming in her eyes. "I overheard you telling Zoey that you want, I didn't mean to overhear! I just-so-happen to walk pass behind you when you're telling her." Charles confessed like how he confess his love to Amanda a few months ago with his reddened cheeks. Amanda tried to control her laughter and nodded profusely. Zoey was her primary school and secondary school best friend. They would share secrets with each other and would spend time together everyday in school.

"Awwww, thanks B, you're the best!" Amanda beamed as if she's the most happiest girl in the whole universe and Charles blushed. After the movie, Charles sent Amanda home. Amanda's parents wants her to be home by 4 in the afternoon as she is going out with her parents. When they reached Amanda's apartment, they hugged and kissed before Charles see Amanda disappear into her apartment.

Sneak peak! 

"You didn't confront Charles?" Zoey asked, patting Amanda's head. "I didn't, after i saw that scene, i just ran off the shopping centre. I didn't know where to go, what to do. I ran and cried all the way to the bus stop and cabbed home. Even the taxi uncle was kind enough to provide me with tissue paper, why doesn't Charles care about me at all ?" Amanda shrieked, shaking uncontrollably. "Calm down Amanda." That was all Zoey could say for she was loss for words. "Tomorrow is our 5th month anniversary, i was so excited about tomorrow and yesterday i saw this... Tell me what should i do now?" Amanda looked into Zoey's eyes.

What had Amanda saw that made her cry? 


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