A turning point; chapter 5

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It was chinese class. Zoey and Amanda sat together as usual, with Eric in front of them. As Secondary 4 express and 5 normal academic combined class, Eric was able to talk to Zoey and Amanda face to face. It was intensive mother tongue and the chinese teacher didn't care if anyone in the class used phone or not. Amanda plucked out her phone from her bag and started punching in a 5 message long message: I dun understand why are you reacting like this. Its lyke we're a fire which has gone cold. Ytd i msged you, cause today is our 5th month anniversary. I wanted to go your house and surprise you with a kiss, never did i knoe you would give miie this kind of reply. I was sad, devastated. So, sleeping was indeed more important than miie and our 5th month. Tell miie, what do you want miie to do, please, B, I love you.

Tears trickled down Amanda's cheeks as she pressed send. Zoey and Eric did nothing but stare at each other and then back to Amanda. 30 minutes has past. Amanda's phone didn't vibrate at all. "Amanda..." Zoey whispered. "Hmmm?" Amanda answered. "That's it. I can't stand his actions anymore. That jerk, he's so dead." Eric spoke with fury. "Calm down, its not helping." Zoey argued. Eric sighed and stared on the floor.

After what seemed long, chinese lessons were finally over. Amanda was still clutching her phone in her hands, constantly checking her phone in case a message came and she didn't feel any vibrations. Eric left as he was held back by the chinese teacher. "Lets go to the library. I need to print something" Zoey said, leading the way. Zoey spent 5 minutes in the library, with the help of the librarian, Zoey got her things printed. While waiting for Zoey, Amanda decided to message Charles again: B, dun ignore miie, please. I'm wrong, i'm too paranoid, i thought too much, you're just friends with them. B talk to miie..." With that, Zoey and Amanda left school for home.

Zoey and Amanda walked out of the school's compound, towards the bus stop home. "Amanda, cry if you need to." Zoey spoke, breaking the awkard silence.

"He didn't reply me, even after i sent him two long messages. He's ignoring me, Zoey, help me..." Amanda pleaded and Zoey kept quiet. Zoey flashed out her phone, punch in some words and sent it to Eric: That jerk ignored Amanda's message. "When you sent him?" Zoey asked to kill the silence that was between them. "I sent one in the morning and one 10 minutes ago. No reply" Zoey's phone rang: What ?! How's Amanda? Zoey typed: She is very calm but i can tell that inside she is terrible. Come quick. Outside school bus stop. Amanda's phone finally rang. "Yes ! Charles ! He says -" Amanda dropped her phone and stared at Zoey.

"What's wro-" Zoey paused as she picked up the phone and saw the message: Lets end here, no point continuing like this. "What the -" Zoey uttered, in shock. "Hey.. What happened..?" Eric said, panting heavily. Zoey passed Eric the phone, Eric's eyes grow so big as if they were popping out anytime. "Eric's eyes were fixed on Amanda's. Amazingly, Amanda was very calm. "Amanda, i know you're very upset, dun hide, this kind of thing, just cry it out, you will feel better." Zoey said. Eric just nodded. Then, streams of tears fell from Amanda's eyes. Eric felt lost and angry, very angry. "Amanda... Chill." Eric was lost for words.

Amanda rested her head on Zoey's shoulders and Eric soothed Amanda's head. She can't stop her tears from falling. "Why... Zoey, Eric, tell miie why! I put so much effort, and yet, he treated me this way. I thought he was the best, perfect boy friend. I loved him. How could he -" Amanda whined through her sobs and Zoey could not stop her tears, it fell and she hugged Amanda. They stayed in that position for then next 5 minutes which attracted much attention.

Eric and Zoey sent Amanda home. "I don't want to go home, not with this pair of reddened eyes." Amanda finally spoke. The bus trip was silent with Eric and Zoey exchanging looks with each other at times. "Okay, i'll bring you girls for a drink, my treat." Eric said, trying to brighten up the atmosphere, but failed. The 3 of them took a bus down to Central to cheer Amanda up.

Sneak peak!

Soon, everyone knew about Charles's and Amanda's break up and the whole school is talking about it. Where ever Charles went, he would recieve unwanted stares and whisper. Everyone envied them when they first started out, but none of them expected this outcome. Amanda then closed her doors to her heart and shunned from everyone, except Zoey and Eric. Soon, many boys, were trying to win Amanda's heart, but all the guys failed. Eric and Zoey would try to cheer her up by talking to her and bring her our occasionally. They turned out to be best friends and Amanda slowly healed as time goes by.

What would eventually happen to Amanda, Zoey and Eric?


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