A turning point; chapter 6

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Two days has past. Everytime Amanda saw Charles, she would jerk up and turn to walk the other way, only when walking through the staircase, she cannot helped it but to continue walking straight, walking past him. Amanda spends every recess with Zoey and Eric.

One day, Hong yao messaged Amanda on msn: Hey, are you okay? 

Amanda: Yah, thanks for asking. 

Hong Yao: I felt guilty, i'm sorry. 

Amanda: Sorry for? Its not even your fault. Instead, i should thank you. 

Hong Yao: Huh? I caused you and Charles to fight and you're thanking me? 

Amanda: Yah, cause if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't have knew Charles was lying. Even when Zoey confronted him, he still lied his way through, so. Thanks (: 

Hong Yao: Uh, welcome. (: I just hope you wont brood over this kind of people. Its not worth. You should find someone better  

Amanda: Ha, I always thought he was the best, perfect boyfriend, but i was wrong. 

Hong Yao: You could start to consider other people, like first having a crush? 

Amanda: Nah, let nature takes its course (: 

Hong Yao: Actually, i was wondering... If i could be the guy to protect you. After i saw how heartbroken you were, and how Charles was being a jerk, i kinda started to like you, :X 

Amanda: Uhhh... I take this as a confession? 

Hong Yao: You can say so. :X 

Amanda: I'm sorry, i'm not prepared for another relationship just yet. Sorry 

Hong Yao: Its okay, i understand. Just to let you knoe i will be waiting. (: Its getting late, you should sleep now. See you tomorrow in school. Goodnight and sweet dreams. 

Amanda: You too, (:

The time was now 10 minutes to 12am. Its really getting late and Amanda got ready for bed. No matter how hard she tried to sleep, she couldn't get into sleep. Just as when she was thinking of what Hong Yao said, she fell asleep almost immediately.

Its saturday already. Usually, Amanda would be dressing herself up, pounding on what to wear to go for a date with Charles. But today, she felt lost. Amanda's phone rang, she looked at the phone, a call from Eric.

"Hello? Amanda?" Eric questioned softly. "Uh, yah ?" Amanda replied. "Um, just wondering if you want to go out for a walk or -" Before Eric could finish his sentence, Amanda replied "Okay, where?" Eric stunned for a moment, then replied, "I'll be outside your house in 10 minutes, wait for me!" Eric said excitedly. "Okay, see you soon." Amanda replied, pushed the red button.

8 minutes is up. Amanda peak out of the window to see if Eric was there. For a reason, Amanda was delighted that he asked her out, maybe she yearned for the companionship from someone. Another minute past, Eric was not there. After another minute, Amanda peaked through her windows, and she saw Eric, standing outside. She rubbed her eyes and he was still standing there. Eric waved as she saw Amanda at the windows. Amanda smiled, grabbed her bag and left the house.

"You look pretty today Amanda." Eric said, and blushed. Amanda smiled, "You look dashing today, too." With that, they laughed. "You know, every Saturday, Charles would stand outside my apartment while i was thinking of what to wear... We would go for lunch and then for a movie or went shopping. I really missed him..." Amanda said, looking down. "Don't worry. It is not Charles that is doing that. Its Eric now." Eric smiled.

Soon, everyone knew about Charles's and Amanda's break up and the whole school is talking about it. Where ever Charles went, he would recieve unwanted stares and whisper. Everyone envied them when they first started out, but none of them expected this outcome. Amanda then closed her doors to her heart and shunned from everyone, except Zoey and Eric. Soon, many boys, were trying to win Amanda's heart, but all the guys failed. Eric and Zoey would try to cheer her up by talking to her and bring her our occasionally. They turned out to be best friends and Amanda slowly healed as time goes by.

Saturday was a day where Amanda, Zoey and Eric went out foe revision as O levels is nearing. Each Saturday, they would revise on one particular topic. Then they would have dinner together and Eric would send them home. Eric and Amanda would walk Zoey back first, and finally Eric walking Amanda back. "See you on monday, Amanda." Eric said and smiled. "You too, Eric" Amanda said, waved and disappeared into her apartment.


Sneak peak! 

"Remember what you told me on the first Saturday i asked you out?" Eric asked, shuffling his legs on the floor. "Um, not really. Its so long." Amanda replied. "I remembered everything. You told me that every Saturday, Charles would stand your apartment while you was thinking of what to wear... Then the two of you would go for lunch and then for a movie or went shopping and you really missed him..." Eric told Amanda. "Wow, you remembered. Anyways, why asking me that?" Amanda asked, looking puzzled. "Then i told you it would no longer be Charles doing that. Its Eric." Eric smiled. Amanda met Eric's gaze. "Amanda..." Eric lowered his voice.

What happened to Eric and Amanda?


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