A turning point; chapter 7

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Many Saturdays has past. Amanda's feelings for Charles begun to fade. Amanda's class has already complete the syllabus and embarked on revisions. Teachers would be piling the students with stacks and stacks of past year exam papers.

"Does Charles still linger in your mind, Amanda?" Zoey asked this out of the blue. Amanda shot her eyes at her and then sighed, "I don't think so." "GOOD! Uh, i mean, great. Hey, since so many boys has been putting in effort in wooing you, why not just accept one?" Zoey asked, her eyes blinking. "Quit it, Zoey. I know what you're hitting at. Eric rights? Please, he has a bunch of girls mad over him, why would he bother about me?" Amanda snapped. "Why not consider E-" Amanda stared at Zoey and Zoey kept her mouth closed.

Amanda was always looking forward to Saturdays. It was Friday night when Amanda's phone rang. Zoey. "Hello? What's up, Zoey?" "Bad news. I can't make it tomorrow." Zoey said quickly. "Uh, why so sudden? I thought you could make it. Tomorrow we're going to relax ourselves and now you say you're not free, WHY?" Amanda demanded. "Uhhh, can't really talk, my parents just had an arguement. They wanted me to stay at home tomorrow. Dang, why tomorrow?! I'm sorry, you go relax with Eric, I'll join you next week, kay?" Zoey replied. "Yeah, yeah. Another trick upon your sleeves? Just our luck, call me if anything pops up" Amanda laughed. "Yeah, you have fun yeah ! Kay i really need to go now." Zoey shout-whispered. "Kay, bye"

"Yes! My plan worked!" Zoey exclaimed in excitement. "Thanks ya, Zoey." Eric smiled. "Aye, the rest is up to you. Don't let my efforts go to waste! I seldom lie to Amanda." Zoey warned. "The next time you see me and her together, i will be holding her hands." Eric said in confidence. "Don't disappoint me!" Zoey yelled excitedly. "Yeah, i won't. Alrights. Its getting late. Lets go sleep. Bye" Eric said. "Good luck! Bye!" Zoey said, and they hung up.

It was Saturday already. Amanda looked at her phone to see 9 message, from Eric

First message: I realized that i missed a lot.

Second message: Lovers, are meant to be together

Third message: Overlooking at your beauty

Forth message: Victory will be mine

Fifth message: Entrusting you to me

Sixth message: You're so mesmerizing

Seventh message: Overwhelmed when i look into your eyes

Eighth message: Understanding me inside out

Ninth message: Cya at 10 outside your apartment! Amanda stared at her phone for awhile, then replied: Sure, cya. (:

The clock showed 9am. Amanda reminded herself: I have 1 hour. Amanda went to the toilet, washed up and look into her cupboard, frantically searched for the nicest clothes. "Why am i doing so?" She said aloud. Suddenly, a familar feeling striked her. "Oh. God."

Its 9.55am on the clock. 5 more minutes, she thought to herself. It was amazing how punctual Eric was everytime she met him. The clock striked 10 and Eric was standing outside Amanda's apartment. Amanda smiled to herself. As Eric saw Amanda stepping out of her apartment, he straightened his clothes and smiled at her when she met his eyes.

"You looked pretty, in every clothes."Eric smiled. "You looked dashing, in every clothes too." And they laughed. When Amanda walked a few steps, she realized Eric was rooted to the ground.

"Remember what you told me on the first Saturday i asked you out?" Eric asked, shuffling his legs on the floor. "Um, not really. Its so long." Amanda replied. "I remembered everything. You told me that every Saturday, Charles would stand your apartment while you was thinking of what to wear... Then the two of you would go for lunch and then for a movie or went shopping and you really missed him..." Eric told Amanda. "Wow, you remembered. Anyways, why asking me that?" Amanda asked, looking puzzled. "Then i told you it would no longer be Charles doing that. Its Eric." Eric smiled. Amanda met Eric's gaze. "Amanda..." Eric lowered his voice.

Both of their heartbeats were irregular. "Be..." One second past,inching towards Amanda "My..." Another second, another inch. "Girl..." Another second, another inch. "Friend..." After Eric whispered, he kissed Amanda right on her lips. Amanda didn't reject or push him away, instead, she deepened the kiss.

Sneak peak!

"OH. MY. GOD. ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Zoey practically screamed. "Yes, yes. I knew you two planned this all along. Just that i played along." Amanda beamed. "How the heck did you... EH WAIT, TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!" Zoey yelled at the top of her voice, banging the table. People around us turned to look. "Opps, hey hurry, tell me, stop making me wait. Tell me tell me!" Amanda and Eric spend a whole 30 minutes explaning what happened. We were all laughing and Zoey was cheering. When all the laughing and cheering stopped, Amanda turned to look who's behind.

Who's behind Amanda?


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