A turning point; chapter 2

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"Awww, its Monday already" Amanda thought to herself.

Usually, Amanda would go to school with Zoey in the morning as they live just blocks away. They would reach school at around 640 and sat in the canteen until flag rising at 730. "So, how's your date with Charles yesterday?" Zoey poped the question while Amanda was enjoying her Milo. Almost the whole school knows that they're together and they envied them.

"Uhhh, just a simple meal and ... OMG I TELL YOU , HE OVERHEARD WHAT I TOLD YOU! He actually brought me to watch PS, I love you!" Amanda exclaimed. "Oh. My. God. AWESOME! Tell me more!" Zoey screamed and everyone in the canteen turned as there were only 10 people around. Zoey blushed and lower her voice, "Come on..."

Amanda spent 10 minutes telling her the details. "I swear i'm going to find one boyfriend as close to yours!" Zoey warned in jealousy. "Just that, i don't know what to do on our 5th month anniversary..." Amanda blurted. "Thats easy! Go to his house in the morning and surprise him!" Zoey said, proud of her swift thinking. Amanda stared at Zoey, real hard. "Oh, don't worry about me, i'll be fine coming to school myself" Both Zoey and Amanda smile and then laughed

After flag rising, everyone went back to class. Two periods of English followed by two periods of A maths. Recess at last. Amanda ate Won Ton Mee that cost her $2. Every recess Amanda would scan through the canteen to see if Charles was sitting with his gang. He and his best friend, Alex are always with 2 very pretty girls, Sandy and Angie. Amanda would felt lost when she saw Charles laughing his heads off with them, especially when Alex left his seat to purchase drinks or food.

Every recess, Zoey could sense sourness around Amanda and would always dart her eyes at Charles. At times, Amanda told Charles that she wasn't very happy that he spent his recess with Sandy and Angie. But Charles paid no effort to keep his distance from them and Amanda couldn't help it.

As usual, Zoey met up with Amanda in the morning for school. "Tell me that they're just friends, Zoey" Amanda said, almost crying. "Oh my god, what happened?" Zoey panic and comforted Amanda. "I asked him out yesterday and he told me that he was with busy. I asked him busy with what, he told me he was busy with his CCA. Then i messaged Hong Yao, he told me he was not in school, he was at cineplex. I went there and i saw him with Sandy and Angie. I don't know where was Alex. I am really scared, Zoey" Amanda cried and her tears fell down from her eyes, soaking her uniform.

"You didn't confront Charles?" Zoey asked, patting Amanda's head. "I didn't, after i saw that scene, i just ran off the shopping centre. I didn't know where to go, what to do. I ran and cried all the way to the bus stop and cabbed home. Even the taxi uncle was kind enough to provide me with tissue paper, why doesn't Charles care about me at all ?" Amanda shrieked, shaking uncontrollably. "Calm down Amanda." That was all Zoey could say for she was loss for words. "Tomorrow is our 5th month anniversary, i was so excited about tomorrow and yesterday i saw this... Tell me what should i do now?" Amanda looked into Zoey's eyes.

"Just go as per normal. If he rejects anything, means something's wrong. Dun worry Amanda, I dun think Charles is THAT kind of person." Zoey comforted Amanda. The bus trip was silent. Amanda was lying on Zoey's shoulder like she was Charles. Amanda let her tears flow dry and Zoey stroked her shoulders.

Amanda didn't drink Milo like any other days. She was devastated. When Charles came, he saw Zoey passing Amanda a tissue and wiping away her tears. Charles went up to them. "B, what happened?" Charles asked. Amanda looked at Charles with bloodshot eyes. "Why are you -" Charles questioned with anxiety, but before he could finish his sentence, Amanda sprinted towards the toilet.

"AMANDA!" Charles yelled and when he was about to chase her, Zoey said with a cold voice, "Where were you yesterday?" Charles froze on the ground, "Uh, back in school, busy with -" Before Charles could explain, Zoey cut in, "CCA? Oh ya right, or were you down at Cineplex with your gang?" Charles turned to Zoey, speechless. "Please, she wanted to ask you out yesterday and all you did was to lie to her and told her you were in school? She believed at first, until she asked Hong Yao if you were in school and he said you weren't. She saw you with Sandy and Angie at Cineplex, no Alex, having fun and laughing all the way while you lied to Amanda, your very own girlfriend and going out with two very pretty girls? Well, she practically cried the whole day yesterday and today morning. She's disappointed in you, so am i" Zoey yelled right to his face, grabbed Amanda's and her bag and hurried to the toilet to check on Amanda.

Zoey went into every toilet to check for her. "Amanda?" No reply. When Zoey was about to leave, she heard sobs. "Come on Amanda, i know you're in here." The door unlocked and Amanda rushed to hug Zoey.

"Dry your tears, we've got to attend flag rising or teachers would be looking for us." Zoey whispered. Amanda nodded and she went to the sink to wash up and then went for flag rising.

Sneak peak!

"Hey Amanda, what's wrong?" A voice came from Amanda's back, when she turned, she saw Eric. "Awww Amanda, dun cry, what happened?" Eric softened his eyes and fixed his gaze at Zoey. "See her boy friend there, talking and laughing while his girl friend is sitting here, crying." Zoey said, pointing and looking at Charles's direction. "Ohhh, that bastard. I thought he was a good guy who will cherrish -" "Enough, i don't even know what am i going to do now, but the last thing i want is a break up." Amanda cut in when Eric said with anger.

Who was Eric and how is he related to Amanda?


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