Chapter 42 - Farrah

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Luca POV

Voices echoed down the barren corridor as I walked through the clinical hallways of the WITSEC office. I passed the front desk and smiled politely at the middle-aged receptionist. She nodded at me and pointed toward the corner of the lobby, which led to another hallway. I thanked her as I crossed the room toward the soft voices.

As I rounded the corner, Captain Flynn was disconnecting his phone call. He turned his broad frame to face me, and a genuine grin lifted his thin lips. His salt and pepper hair was becoming more salt than pepper, causing his sharp features to seem softer as age and gravity took their toll. His broad nose overshadowed his beady, brown eyes, and for a moment, I thought that he kind of looked like a villain in a children's movie.

"Luca," he called cheerfully as he closed the distance between us. He wrapped an arm around my shoulder and squeezed it encouragingly. Stepping back he met my eyes. "I'm glad you are in one piece. When I realized you'd gone rogue, I had to admit I was more than a little pissed, but I think it all ended well."

He had no idea how wrong those words felt to me. Nothing had ended well, in my opinion. Blythe was still with Mikey, and I was torturing myself with all that he might do to her.

"We still need to find Michael Johnson," I replied. And more importantly, Blythe, I corrected internally.

"Right," Flynn agreed. "Any news from the Conners girl?"

We turned to walk the way I had come, and his words reminded me why I had sought him in the first place.

"She's here," I advised him. "She's being brought upstairs now, and her parents' airplane has just landed, so they should be here shortly, as well."

"Good," Captain Flynn responded absentmindedly. "That's very good."

I nodded at the receptionist again as we passed her, listening to the click of Captain Flynn's dress shoes echoed down the hall. He looked impeccable in his suit, while the rest of us were still dressed pretty casually in our clothes from the shootout.

We neared a closed office when movement caught my eye through the window. Just before we passed the window completely, I realized that Walker was inside on his phone, and he didn't appear to be very happy. His brows were furrowed, and wrinkles shown on his forehead. He was gesturing wildly with his hands when he spoke, and his shoulders and jaw were filled with tension.

Before I could begin to decipher his odd behavior, we reached the familiar room where Blythe had so vehemently opposed our plans. Had she been right? Would all this have been avoided if I had listened to her? The sudden self-doubt wasn't going to help me get her back, so I forced myself to shove it aside for later scrutiny.

The latch clicked as Captain Flynn opened the door. I followed him inside, my eyes passing over Natalie as they were immediately drawn to the small blonde sitting next to her at the table. My breath caught in my throat when I saw her. She looked so damn much like Blythe. Farrah's pale green eyes looked at me as the door silently shut behind me. Her lip was quivering as she struggled to control her emotions.

"Luca?" she asked, voice wavering.

"Yeah, Farrah," I confirmed. The young girl stood and ran across the room, shockingly throwing herself into my arms. The moment I caught her in my embrace, the girl began to sob. I ran my fingers through her hair that was so much like her older sister's.

"It'll be okay, Farrah. We'll get her back."

She continued to whimper, and Natalie stood cautiously to cross the room. Gently, she placed a hand on Farrah's shoulder. Farrah flinched at the contact, but she raised her head and watched Natalie with curiosity.

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