Chapter 26 : God, what do I do now?

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Y/N's POV:

"So, where do you think he's gonna take you out for dinner?" Khalil being busybody asked me after we finished dinner.

"I'm not sure yet. He hasnmt told me anything. All he did was ask me out but he never told me where he'ss gonna take me to." I smiled.

"Alright. Just tell me everything after the date, ok? I want it in details. Deal?" he chuckled.

"Yeah, yeah. Deal." we pinkie promised and went back to watch TV.

It wwas already getting late and I slowly difted off to sleep.


I woke up to the bright light shining through the blinds in my room. The sounds of the birds chirping, the cool wind blowing as I opened the windows, it was just refreshing.

I don't know why, I feel happy today. Maybe it's because I'm meeting up with Matt. Oh yeah! I'm meeting up with Matt!

I need to go shopping, I have nothing to wear! I called Sasha and asked her if she wanted to join me and she agreed.

I showered and got dressed into a pair of long, tigjt black jeans and a crop top with 'Weird is the side affect of awesome.' written on it. I tied my hair up into a messy bun and wore my baby blue Toms.

I walked down the stairs to see Ryan making breakfast. I didn't know that they stayed over.

"Good morning Ryan." I walked over to him and kissed his cheek.

"Wow, someone looks like they're in a good mood. Woke up on the right side of the bed, I see." Ryan smiled as he continued his cooking.

"I woke up on the left side today Ryan and yes, I'm in a perfectly good mood. Going shopping with Sasha later for my date tonight with Matt. Can't wait!" I squealed.

"Well, as long as you're happy, we all are." Ryan kissed the top of my head and went back to making pancakes.

'Horn, horn.'

The sound of Sasha's car's unique horn made me notice that she was already outside when I look out the window.

"Bye Ryan." I kissed his cheek again before walking out the door to hear him shouting "Have fun!" back at me.

I walked out the door to see Sasha putting on lip gloss while looking in the rear view mirror.

"You're already pretty enough, you don't need make up. LOL. That's what Justin always tells me and yet, I still don't listen. I don't think that any girl would listen to that, right?" I chuckled as I got in the car.

"Make up is my third best friend, so yes, I need it, just as much as I need you." she giggled and drove away from the house to the mall.

We got there and went straight to Forever 21 and got a nice red dress and another white dress. Sasha told me to keep my options open.

We were walking when Sashe said that she wanted to go to H&M to see the jewelries. She bought a pair of peace sign necklace for the both of us. I bought a bracelet for us too. Sisters before misters, right?

We got to Starbucks and after ordering our drinks, we found a nice spot and rested there.

"I'm so tired." I whined.

"Who can get tired from shopping?" she chuckled.

"Anyone but you, that's for sure." I giggled.

We were talking when I saw Selena and Justin walked past me hand-in-hand.

I just wanted to breakdown and cry when Sahse pulled me in for a hug.

"There's still plenty of fishes in the sea, don't go waiting on a one that's already caught." she said as she slowly rubbed my back.

"Thank you Sasha." I said holding back my tears.

"Anytime sweetie. You need to show him that you can be happy even when he's not around. Show him that you don't need him to be happy." she said whiping away my tears.

"Ok." I replied.

"Wanna get our of here and do more shopping?" Sasha asked.

I laughed and nodded my head in agreement.

"Let's go." she smiled as we both walked out of Starbucks and continued our shopping.

Sasha sent me home and to be honest, it's actually pretty amazing to have a friend like Sasha. She's like an angel God sent to me to make me happy. I'm just blessed with amazing people.

It was already 3:57pm and I have only 3 hours to get ready.

I took a nice warm bubble bath and got dressed into the red dress. I just decided to wear the red one cause I think that it looks better on me.

It took me almost an hour to do my hair and another half an hour for my make up.

It was already half part six and I was already done. I got down the stairs and decided to watch TV until Matt arrives.

I'm pretty nervous about this when the doorbell rang making me almost jump off the couch.

It wasn't even seven yet so I wonder who would it be.

I opened the door to see Justin standing there looking at the ground.

"Hi sweet-Wow, hi." he looked at me with his eyes wide open.

"Hey Jay." I smiled sweetly.

"Wow babe, where are you going?" Justin said sounding amazed.

"I'm going on a date." I said proudly. I remembered what Sasha said about making him see that I can also be happy without him.

"A date? With who? Do I know the guy?" Justin asked.

"A date with this amazing guy and no, you don't know him." I replied thinking about Matt's eyes. Oh, how they drive me crazy.

"But I-" he was about to say something when Matt's car stopped right in front of my house.

"Ooh! My date's here." I smiled and got my purse.

"Hey beautiful." Matt said as he kissed my cheek the first moment he saw me.

"Well, hello there handsome." I giggled.

"Wow babe, you look amazing tonight." he complimented me making my blush madly.

"You don't look too bad yourself, double O 7." I joked.

"Shall we?" he asked taking out his hand.

"We shall." I took his hand and we both walked to the car.

We drove away like Justin wasn't even standing there.

I feel kinda bad for Justin but I have to let him know that he already has Selena and I need to remind myself that too. I need to move on.

Yes, I still love Justin, but I can't do anything now to make him mine. I have Matt now so I can't get the feelings all mixed me. I have Matt now, I need to remind myself that, nothing else.

But, to be honest, I feel kinda bad...

God, what do I do now?

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QOTD : How was your week?

AOTD : Awesomely terrible.

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