The bright snowy colour of the room blinded deteariating eyes, soft wrinkles crinkling at the light.

It's been 80 years since they've seen the little one, they've both wilted and become cracked, so to speak.

Pristine beds, side-by-side, lithe, bony and tissue wrinkles digits entangled, rough and thin nails scraping at eachothers palms.

Tissue like bed clothes roped around their necks, tied in the back tightly, but not enough to catch their breath in their throats.

Small withered bodies held steady, but slowing breaths, pale, covered chests rising and falling to both in similar time.

Ty and Adam have never been more terrified, but nothing to do, nothing to hold on to, there's no seatbelts, safety nets and no escaping off, it's permenant and certain. They say death is painless, and there's no escape, but life guardians tell otherwise.

Their fingers grip together firmer, as the light beep of the heart monitor rings in time with their heart beats, syncing together like a lovely melody, the song of No More.

"A-Adam..." The raspy, grey-haired man's voice calls out, fear pulling at the corners.

"Yes, T-Ty?" The stuttering voice asks, a stiffled cough following.

"I'm scared." He finishes, turning back to his death scented sheets.

Adam, still curly hair falling to his face, reaches the hand the IV is hooked into over too Ty's shivering palm and cups it in, a settling glance resting over the one dying next to him.

"Everything will be al-alright, Ty..." The skeletal figure assures, lightly kissing the veiny and aging top of Ty's hand, lips cracking a smile.

"Would you like a song, Ty?" The withered voice asks, hand still entangling the other's as he settle's back, picking up faint memories of the song he sung a little before their wedding.

Ty, his long hair still covering a single eye, nods weakly, hands gripping to keep himself up.

"Alright... Let's see what I rememeber," He coughs faintly, and begins to sing.

"Since the day I first met you, I knew we'd be forever..."

He gives himself a second, hands shaking slightly as he tries to remember.

"The happy, the sad, the undeniably mad, just us together..."

"We'd laugh , hang out, make jokes of our friends, all before three,"

"But when you fell, and kissed my neck, I'd knew you'd be with me."

They both smile at the fond memeory, the remider of brisk winter air still a vivid part in their minds, the steady beat of the heart monitor slowing down, as if they were being soothed, hands still knotted as a basket weave.

"And now we're here, just before marriage, and I couldn't be happier..."

"Knowing forever, we'd sleep together, and we'd share a frappier..."

They both lie back and sigh, dainty and aged fingertips still in contact with eachother, but just abare. The monitor still slowing, setting an eerie, slow, unsettling pace. 'Beep...Beep...Beep...'

"Now when we've grown old, and we're gathering dust..."

They bother fell silent, shutting worn and unusable eyes, crows feet spreading from the corners.

"We'll die together, it is but a must..."

The moniter slowed still, almost as if it skipped for 3 beats.

"I'll be there with you, our sides together..."

They both weakly scooted together, sides touching, fabric robes scraping eachother.

"Hand in hand..."

The both gripped tightly onto eachother's palms, leaving light pearly white cresents as reminder.

"In heaven forever..."

The monitor seemed at a stand still, silence falling over the small, cleansed hospital, room echoing eachother's final heartbeats.


"Yes, Ty?"

"We got our wish."

Adam smiled weakly, death glazing his vison.

"We sure did."

They placed lips together, bony digits ribboned as they always have been, and they both fell limp, monitor attaining a neon green flat line, a droning, electronic mumer sending out among the entirety of the building.

A dark, harsh silence fell over what seemed like the whole city, elder's once known by the two lost left nothing but the mumbles in the breath.

Nurses and doctor's stopped their work and listened, as something rang between the abandoned hospital hallways, scent of sickness and hospital food surrounding it.

A cheery light-hearted yip rang throughout the corridors, as if someone has excited a child, and something followed that caused hearts to pause and breath to be kept.

Something the two had lost many, many, many, years ago.

Someone they lost many, many many, years ago.



And so ends a story, of love, loss and embarassment...

This proves one thing.

Love isn't love without loss, so you must live without something close.

I hope you enjoyed this heartfelt story and wish to read other's of mine.


for this is




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