Transformers Prime

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'Maybe you don't know this, but there were FOUR human children that made peace with the Autobots. The fourth was Rebecca Jones. Few friends. Few family. Just the fact that she will play an important role in the end of the Primes...'

"Woah, dude! Check it out!"

Miko points towards the parking lot of the school, slightly pushing Rebecca forward. Becky looks to where her friend was pointing to see a huge semi-truck parked near by with the paint job of red, silver, and blue...and the logo of an Autobot on it's front grill.

Becky frowned, "Funny. Optimus has already picked me up from school this month. What now?"

Usually, Optimus Prime -as Becky's Autobot guardian- is busy on a mission and only once a month can he pick his human friend up from school. But he's already done his monthly pick-up, what's he doing here?

"Well, maybe nothing's happening at base and he needed something to do?" Jack Darby smirked as he leaned his arm on Becky's shoulder.

"Lovely. If he had a 'To Do' list I'd be his SECOND choice. Nice to know I'm...loved." Becky rolled her eyes with sarcasm in her voice.

"Ah, don't feel so bad, Becky." Raf smiled, clinging to the straps of his backpack and starts heading to a hot yellow Camaro with black stripes. Bumblebee: The Scout.

Becky turned to Jack, "Guess you can tell Arcee that there's no need for carpooling today."

"Will do!" Jack said over his shoulder as he walked off to his 'motorcycle'. Also known as Arcee.

Miko playfully punched Becky's shoulder and ran off towards a green monster of a Hummer. Bulkhead: The Muscle.

Miko waved to Becky, "See ya back at base, Becs! Band practice starts at five and we need you as the lead singer!"

"Don't worry! I'll be there!" Becky waved back and smiled.

Once her friends and their Autobots have have driven away, she frowns and squeezes her textbooks closer to her chest and starts walking to her truck. As she did, she walked past the school bully, Vince, and he whistles.

"So, that truck yours, Jones?" He asked with that smug grin.

"My dad's," she lied, "He works at a trucking company."

"Well, he's got good taste...I'll say." Vince smirks and he's saying this while looking up and down at Becky's curves next to the hot semi-truck behind her. Becky grits her teeth and turns away.

"Perv!" She snapped and walked away, "Next time I catch you hitting on me I'll bop your nose!"

She had stormed into the passenger seat of the truck and slammed the door behind her angrily, forgetting to see the expression of Vince's pathetic face because she slumped in her chair, crossing her arms as she strapped in.

"Rebecca, must you lie to your enemy?" The stern, kind and wise voice of Optimus Prime sounded from the speakers of his radio, the logo on his steering wheel lighting up at his voice.

"I didn't lie all the way..." Becky blushed, embarrassed. "My dad DOES work at the trucking company."

"Well, I guess that is not much of a lie, is it? How was your school day?"

"Nothing special." Becky glumly said. "Got an A- on my Science test...but a D on a Math test."

"Well it looks like Raf and Ratchet need to tutor you for another week for the next test." Optimus spoke with no angry expression, being completely serious.

Becky moaned. She's been through summer school, after school programs, and private tutor classes, but nothing could get her grades moving up. Her mind worked weirdly, she couldn't even focus on Math even if she wanted to. It was more focused on art, writing books, and drawing pictures of Cybertronians. She sighs.

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