Chapter 5 ~ Annabeth

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Piper was enjoying herself walking around the town. Annabeth had seen it all before. She yawned. She was up late worrying. She hoped this ball would give her citizens confidence in the war. And bring good news.

Piper planned the whole thing, from catering to music. Good qualities for a future queen, as she was engaged to Jason.

Piper had told Annabeth many times about how she wanted to get married, but with the war, it was too much. Annabeth had so much on her plate as well.

Piper and Annabeth ran around the village, picking up orders, spreading the news. Annabeth was glad her dress didn't show her tummy, which was supposed to be a surprise at the ball.

And to thank the soldiers, she invited the Oceania troops to come. She was glad that she prepared a speech. Jason was also coming, if he wasn't busy. Annabeth was just hoping to survive the day of hectic schedules and frustrating subjects.

Later, before the ball, Piper was with her in her room to help get ready. Thankfully, Piper packed a dress to wear for this occasion. Annabeth put on her silver swirl-designed fishtail dress. Piper threw on her lilac purple puffed up gown.

"Hey Annabeth, how do I look?" Piper said, twirling in the mirror.
"You look amazing Pipes. How about me?" Annabeth smiled.
"Wonderful as usual." Piper giggled.

They laughed. Piper had a skill for makeup and hair. She had done Annabeth's hair in a fancy updo with curls falling around her face. Piper wore a braid with a flower pin in it.

Annabeth looked at herself. Percy had this dress made for her. She wore it on his birthday. A month before he disappeared.


Annabeth woke up to a mop of black hair. She sat up in bed. Suddenly she felt cold and pulled the blankets over herself. Her husband was still asleep.

Typical Percy, she thought.

Today was ships birthday. For some reason he loved the color blue. Annabeth told the chefs to make the cake blue, using blueberries. They were happy to oblige.

Annabeth wasn't sure whether to stay in bed or get up. She decided just to sleep a little longer. But she had to plan today. She knew her husband was going to end up taking the day off. Annabeth pulled the covers over Percy and threw on a dress. Annabeth walked over to the balcony, enjoying the sunshine.

She had spoken with all the maids, servants, and chef that worked in the castle. They were all in on her plan for a surprise party in the garden. Percy never had big parties for his birthday, it was more of his brother's thing.

Annabeth was worrying about the weather and how the decorations were coming along when she felt arms wrap around her. Annabeth gasped. Then turned around.

She saw Percy smiling at the morning sun.

"Happy birthday." Annabeth said.
"It's my birthday today?"
"Yes it is."
"So what that makes me..."
"Did you ever remember anything about today?"
"Nope. All I know is that I want to be with you."

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