Baby Names

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I'm trying to come up with names for the baby!
For girls-
Arietta (little song),
Evelyn (hazelnut), Laila (guardian angel)
Liliana (gracious lily) Lovedaia (day of reconciliation)
Nerida (flower or sea nymph)
Raisa (rose)
Rosalie (rose)
For boys-
Alistair (defender of mankind)
Arthur (noble, lofty hill) Bradford (broad river crossing)
Caldwell (cold well) Hunter (it's kinda obvious) Jayden (God has heard)
Landon (open grassy meadow)
Raymond (wise protector)
River (this one is obvious)
William (determined guardian)

If u have your own suggestions send them in. Thanks the speedycheetah55555 and ThePhoenixPrincess for commenting.

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