Chapter 3 ~ Percy

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Percy was at the camp near the shores. He watched the stars and moon remembering how his beloved Annabeth smiled at them every night. Percy was trying to hide from the castle and all this royal madness.

Percy wasn't trying to hide from Annabeth. He loved her more than he loved himself. The nights before, Annabeth seemed like she had something she wanted to say, but never got the chance.

Percy needed to hide in the army because he had to find out information about Kronos's troops. He knew this wasn't the best way to do it, but he had no other option. He didn't want to send poor spies to their deaths. Percy didn't want to die either, and he knew he was taking a risk, but it had to be done.

Percy was taking the name of Perry Johnson (Get it?) to cover up.

Percy missed Annabeth with all his heart. She was his everything. He's been gone for three long months without her smiles, kisses and hugs.

Annabeth was going to come check on the soldiers. He was finally getting a chance to see her face. The last time he saw her was when Kronos first attacked. She was commanding troops and telling them to form a line. Percy smiled at the remembrance of her face.

He missed the way she looked at him when he said something dumb. Suddenly, the soldiers began to part. That meant Annabeth was here. He smiled to himself. He comrades looked at him, wondering what made him grin.

Annabeth looked at him. She looked sick and not as healthy as she usually looked. Frank and Hazel were standing at her side.

Percy wished he could walk up to them and throw his arms around his love. But no. It would mess up his cover.

Annabeth began walking through the troops. She smiled at each and everyone of them. Percy felt her gaze.

"Y-you remind me of someone." she stuttered.
"I do?" Percy asked, hoping to avoid suspicion .

Annabeth nodded and turned away. Yes! Percy was lucky. His cover had almost been blown.

But he sort of hoped Annabeth did recognize him. He felt bad leaving the whole kingdom to her. But he needed to help his army in a secret way. He promised to himself, after Kronos's first attacks, he would reveal himself.

Annabeth was giving out orders. 

"Soldiers! Be prepared for a fight. We had heard from spies that the army with attack today. I want you weapons open and ready. Prepare a fighting stance. Today we will bring victory to our kingdoms."

The soldiers cheered. Percy had joined in. He didn't know if Annabeth was staying on the battlefield, but he wanted her to stay in the castle.

Suddenly he heard a war cry. He looked to the seas. Battleships were coming in. Big ones. He turned to Frank, Hazel, and Annabeth. Annabeth's eyes were wide with fear and and Frank was trying to convince her to go inside.

Annabeth nodded, agreeing. Percy felt relieved. That made sure Annabeth wasn't going to die. He let out a breath he was holding. One of his comrades, named Grover, noticed and grinned at him.

"If you're thinking of making a move on her highness, you do know she's married."
"Oh, I know." Percy replied, "I'm just admiring her beauty."

Grover chuckled. Then he looked to the seas.

"Here they come."

Kronos's army charged at them. The Oceania soldiers held their ground. Percy knocked one guy senseless. Another he cut down with his sword. He tried his best not to kill people, just hurt them so they couldn't fight.

He saw one boy at the age of 12. Percy couldn't stand people who made young kids fight. He disarmed the child and the little one turned and ran.

Percy smiled. Maybe the kid would change sides and join the kingdoms. But he could only hope.

The battle raged on. Percy was happy for the advantage of fighting on his own land. He and his army fought. They cut down soldiers, disarmed them, and knocked them out.

In a minute, Kronos's army retreated. They ran to their boats, fleeing from the scene.


Percy and Grover embraced as soldiers cheered for their victory. Frank stood, ordering the soldiers to clean up and head to their tents.

Percy was cut a few times. None to serious though. He was glad for that. He could exactly show to Annabeth that he loved her if he died from an infected wound.

Percy looked around the makeshift infirmary. So many dead, in only the first battle. He couldn't find many of his friends that were alive. Most were bandaged and bloody. Percy felt terrible. But Percy had another pending decision, wether or not to reva himself.

Percy knew he would do more as a commander, but something stopped him from wanted to lead. He knew his wife was more suited to the task. And he loved her with all his heart. He wished was there with her. But no. Percy's was going to take the chances of being killed to protect his country. And her.

Maybe he could watch for her under a different way? Become part of the royal guard? That would definitely expose him. And it might lead Spies to the castle. He didn't want anything but to keep her safe.

Percy began walking as his head fill with thoughts. He strolled past the tent Annabeth, Frank and Hazel were inside. He could hear his wife talking to her lady in waiting.

"I want to lead, but I don't think I can." Annabeth was saying.
"Why? We the troops need your expertise."
"I've been trying to keep this hidden, but I know I can trust you. You must not tell anyone."
"I promise."
"I.... there will be a new addition to the royal family of Oceania."

Percy heard Hazel gasp.

"A new addition. You are...." she stopped not finishing her sentence.
"Yes. You can't tell. Everyone will worry. And we can't surrender for my sake."
"Yes, your highness."
"Thank you, Hazel."

Percy walked away so fast he almost ran. Annabeth was having a baby? An addition to the family. Percy still couldn't take it in.

This is all my fault. She wouldn't be in this situation. How could I leave her? I'm such an idiot. This was what she wanted to tell me all along. But, she's..... a new royal. Why didn't she tell anyone. She would be carrying the lives of not only herself but the baby.

A worrying thought hit Percy.

My baby.

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