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Aria's POV

"Was there anything out th– whoa what happened to you?" he asked Grayson.

"Doesn't matter. Can you get him some ice?" I requested.

We walked into my room and I laid him down in my bed.

KJ handed me the three ice packs and two heating pads that we had in this house. They cancel each other out but whatever.

"If he can't get up in two hours, I'll allow him to spend the night."

"You make it seem as if I wasn't thinking he should spend the night in the first place." I rolled my eyes.

"Door stays open though. I don't trust you two."

"He's beaten and battered, even if we were thinking about it, you'd hear more groaning than moaning."

"I'm ending this discussion. I feel uncomfortable."

"You brought it upon yourself sweetie."

He shook his head and walked out.

I placed some ice on the bruises and he grunted.

"Calm down. It'll help." I said as I ran my hand through his hair to fix it a little.

"Lay with me."

I walked over to the other side of my bed and faced him.

"I hope the ice is helping."

"All the areas you put the ice on is numbing my body so I guess it's helping."

"You had bruising on both sides of your rib cage and your thigh. Jesus  Christ how many were there?"

"Like three? Maybe four?" he grunted, "this feels awful."

"It's okay, just ice or heat it up and you should be healing in a few days."

"I mean this is awful because I can't fill my nor your sexual needs."

"Grayson. I am very tempted to push you off my bed right now. Don't force me to act upon my thoughts."

"I'm just saying."

"Oh I'll survive. I'm fine whether you want to dick me down or not. You're the one that's gonna be dying due to being sex deprived."

Grayson's POV

I sighed.

"Let's just watch some TV." she turned around.

I scoot closer to her and held her body against mine.

"Grayson, your ice packs just fell off."

"So what?"

"This isn't helping your healing process."

"Yeah well. You said heat will help."

"I mean like actual heating pads. Not human heat. You dingus. I have to go shower." she got up.

I got up and followed her. She looked in the mirror and I held her waist from behind. She readjusted her head so that I could rest my chin on her shoulder. I stuck my hands in her pants and slowly began moving down.

"Stop." she grabbed my hands.

I smirked and kept going.

She inhaled and leaned her head back.

"Grayson. We literally just had car sex. Plus, you're hurt and KJ's home. We can't do it."

"Okay and? You're so warm down here. Is this the type of warmth that'll help get rid of my bruises?" I started kissing her neck.

"Grayson." she moaned quietly.

Once I actually did start fingering her, she gripped onto the counter as if it were her life.


It took a her a few seconds to compose herself.

"Stop." she turned around and looked at my lips, my hands were still in her pants so I'm just holding her bare ass now.

"Why don't you ever let me do what I need to do? I wanted to eat, that didn't go as I wanted. I need to shower, you're not letting me do this. You can't be so controlling like this if we're gonna make this relationship work. I need to be able to have a say in stuff too."

"Okay well, I need to shower too."

"I don't have clothes for you."

"KJ left me some basketball shorts, I don't need a shirt. Plus if I needed one, you probably have a few."

"I've never been to your house, how does that work? You have the ones in your car. I've only taken one of those."

"I sleep shirtless. So, wouldn't exactly need a shirt even if KJ left one." I shrugged.

"And this is the time where you tell me to let you shower with me isn't it?"

I nodded.

She looked at my lips then back at my eyes and did it again once more. Then she grabbed my face and we started making out.

"Jump." I said and she did as told and I sat her on the counter.

I stood in between her legs and moved her body closer to mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck. Shortly after, she pulled away.

"You've already seen me naked so I really don't care if you join me or not."

She turned on the water and started getting undressed.

"I don't think I admire your body as much as I should."

"Do you not admire it when we're having sex?"

"I just said, 'as much'."

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