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Grayson's POV

"But then again, you're my first so I can't really compare you to anyone else. Sometimes when I tell you to stop and you don't listen it gets annoying, but sometimes I'm glad you don't."

"Wait okay hold on. You're telling me you were a virgin when we first had sex and it didn't hurt?"

"Yes I was a virgin, no it didn't hurt."

"What the fuck?"

"What? I mean it doesn't necessarily hurt for everyone."

"And you're also saying that I turn you on?" I smirked.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night."

I kissed her head.

"Can we actually ice my body or heat it up now? If you want more than one round a day like this, I'm gonna have to heal."

"Shut up." she got off of me. "Put some pants on."

"Why don't you put some pants on?"

"This shirt goes down to my mid thigh so like..."

"At least some underwear. If you put underwear on then I'll put pants on."

She shook her head and rolled her eyes. She ended up putting underwear on just to get me to wear pants.

We walked into the kitchen as she held both the heating and ice pads.

"Well, here's the situation. KJ brought both heating and ice pads. So the ice pads have melted and the heating pads have gotten all like coolish. Actual ice bags aren't gonna stick to your body well either."

"Why don't you microwave it?"

"Trust me, I've done it before, and I burned my body."

"Let me show you how it's really done." I walked out and she followed me.

I put one of the heating pads on the tray thingy and set the timer for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, I took it out. Let me tell you. It was hot. And I dropped it. But it dropped on her foot.


"I'M SORRY." I bent down to pick it up.

"Holy fuck." she leaned against the counter.

"I am so sorry."

She walked back into the room and flopped onto the bed.

"What are we suppose to do now? she asked, "and don't tell me we're gonna have sex again."

"Wasn't planning on doing so." I paused, "but I mean if you want to..."

"I'm kicking you out of my house."

"I'm just saying." I threw my hands up, "I'm open to it. The same way your legs open for me."

I hovered between her legs.

"Shut up." she pushed me off. "We're literally so hormonal today I don't get it. Never did I ever imagine we would be hitting like 40 rounds in a day."

She repositioned herself so that she'd be in a more comfortable position and I laid next to her, resting an arm over her.

"Never did I think you'd have it in you."

"I don't know if I'm suppose to be offended."

I kissed her cheek, "it's okay. I still love you."



"Did you just..."


She grabbed my face and kissed me.

"I love you too."

"Is it too soon to say that? It's only been a little over a month."

"Oh well." she shrugged. "I'm gonna go get a snack. I'll be right back."

"You just had like four snacks."

"Actual food numbnuts."

Aria's POV

I'm actually head over heels for this kid. I haven't even known him for that long. I don't know. I'm a mess. But what else is new?

The doorbell rang. I assumed it was KJ and he left something behind but it was Keenan.


He turned around, "this is what you get for picking Grayson over me."

He suckerpunched me and I fell down. Then he kicked my body everywhere. He hit my throat and I was ready to die.

He smirked and walked away. I laid on the ground. I was in shock. I couldn't move.

"Aria who w–" Grayson's eyes widened, "ARIA. Are you okay? How bad is it? Who did this?"

Grayson's POV

She removed her hands and showed me. I saw a slight bruising that was already happening.

"Who did this?"

"K–K–Keenan." she winced.

"We need to get you to a hospital."

I picked her up and put her in the car.

"You're going to be okay."

Once we got there, I unbuckled her seat belt and ran in. Right as we were walking in, she passed out. I had to carrieey her bridal style.

"Someone please help. My girlfriend just got beat really bad. I don't know if she has any internal bleeding because she was kicked and her throat is bruising. I don't know if it's swelling on the inside or something."

"We'll take it from here."

"But–" they rolled her away.

I sat down and called KJ to tell him what was happening. I went straight to voicemail so I'm gonna assume he has no service.

I wasn't gonna wait for this. I'm going out to find Keenan and I'm going to end him.

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