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Aria's POV

Rosalie and I walked out of the bathroom and people were staring. I hope she realized that I didn't accept her apology nor forgave her.

"You want me to take a picture and send it to you?" she aggressively asked people who kept staring.

They stopped looking and minded their own business.

Ethan pulled me in for a hug, "are you okay?"

"Yes. Where is he?"

"In the office with Keenan talking to the principal."

"This is all my fault."

"Don't pin the blame on yourself." Rosie said. "Keenan's the one that started the whole problem."

"Aria Argenal to the principal's office please. Aria Argenal." one of the superintendents called me in.

"I'll see you guys later."

I walked into the office.

"The principal would like to discuss this situation with you as well."

"With the other two?"

"Yes, they're all waiting for you."

She opened the principal's door. Grayson got up and hugged me.

"Are you okay?" I asked him, rubbing the bruise that's forming on his cheek.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Is your nose okay?"

"It could be better."

"Shut the fuck up and let's get this over with." Keenan rolled his eyes.

"Miss Argenal, take a seat."

I set my stuff down and took the seat placed in the middle.

"So I want to discuss this whole situation, seeing that it started between you three."

"Uh. Okay. So I was at my locker, getting my stuff for my next few classes, and Keenan approached me. He started verbally harassing me using all these awful words. I couldn't find the right words to defend myself so Grayson walked over and punched him."

"So technically, Grayson started the fight since he took the first punch."

Grayson looked up, "no. Keenan did. I was standing up for my girlfriend."

"Girlfriend? We all know you've never even heard of the term 'commitment'."

I turned to him, "and we all know that you've never heard of the term 'respect'. I see you too homeboy."

"Okay enough. So, since Grayson took the first punch, you'll be suspended for 8 days."

"What?" he and I both said at the same time.

"Mr. Thomason, this is a warning."

"He was verbally harassing me, almost dehumanizing me, and he gets let off with a warning? This is honestly so ridiculous. I can't believe you would allow this."

"Calm down." Grayson rubbed my hand.

"Your suspension starts tomorrow."

"He's started doing better in his classes. His grades are rising, you can't just do this at his prime."

"He should've thought about that before he made this decision."

"It was an act of defense. What was he suppose to do? Watch Keenan over here harass me like that? Are you kidding me? What kind of stupid decision is this?"

"Do you wanna be suspended too?"

"No. I'm defending someone who did the right thing. Keenan approached me first. Doesn't that mean he was the one that initiated the fight? The level of stupidity in this consequence is so high. It's truly ridiculous."

"You're gonna be taking two days off."

"This is unbelievable. This is also a matter of a fucking biased decision. You favor him. You don't care about other students, you only care about Keenan. He deserves a punishment for verbally harassing me, not a warning. You can ask a few people for video footage as proof of the awful words he was saying that shouldn't be repeated. This is a fucking case of bullshit."

"Do you want to go longer?"

"Wow he really has you wrapped around his finger doesn't he? Showing favoritism. Making sure that this fucking asswipe gets what he wants. We all know that Ethan and Grayson have been hated since the start. Teachers would bully them. Other students would bully them. When we tried to tell you, you said that you don't believe it. You know what else? Keenan over here was one of the bullies. We told you. We. Fucking. Told. You."

"Aria calm down." Grayson said.

"No. I'm not going to calm down. He's clearly showing favoritism towards an asshole that deserves nothing but the absolute worst. I'm not going to sit here and have him pick favorites. How much are his parents paying you? Literally so dumb."

"You will instead be gone for four days."


My blood was boiling.

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