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Aria's POV

E: so my brother asked for your number, and if he went through my phone and got it, I'm apologizing ahead of time.

Me: it's okay. (-:

E: and I'm sorry abt earlier too. I didn't think he was gonna go over there and talk to you and all that.

Me: it's okay! Quit apologizing.

E: idk I just don't want you to feel uncomfortable around him and whatnot.

Me: oh??

E: anyway, not what I actually wanted to tell you lol
I was wondering if you could help me with the English essay??

Me: ofc!! I'll call you or sum'in rn yeah?

E: I'll ft you in abt an hour, I gotta go eat

Me: okok sounds good 🤙🏼

Part of me wants to ask about Grayson. Damn it. Why am I obsessing over him? He's not a good guy, yet here I am. Wondering about him. Wanting to dig up as much information as I can.

Ro: wryd rn

Me: waiting for Ethan to call me

Ro: why...

Me: I'm helping him w his English hw chill out

Ro: I told you to stay away

Me: yeah from Grayson. I've known Ethan for abt a year now. He's been in my English class since sophomore year, we just didn't start talking until second semester of that year.

Ro: now you're suddenly buddy buddies with him

Me: can you calm down? I'm trynna help him bc he helps me w my biology. I'm not trynna get him to fuck me.

Ro: I'm warning you

Me: okay, I need you to chill out for like the 7th time. First of all, he has a gf. Second, I don't have feelings for him.

Ro: Ethan's tolerable. Just, be careful around Grayson okay?

I stopped replying to her. I know she just wants to look out for me, but I'm keeping a safe distance right now.

I'm being warned by my own mother to steer clear from him and be careful. I'm not just going straight into the snake pit. I'm not bringing a knife to a gun fight. I'm trying to be as cautious as I can.

Grayson's POV

The next day, I saw her walking over to her locker so I walked over there as well.

"Did you miss me last night?" I smirked.

"Listen." she turned to me, "I don't go after fuckboys like you. So you should really get your act together if you wanna actually take me out on a proper date."

"I won't have to change in order for me to win you over."

"And just like that, no fucks were given. I mean what I said, good luck. See you in bio."

"Do I really have t–"

Ethan cut me off, "yes. You do. She isn't joking around."

"How do you know so much about her? Do you like stalk her or something?"

"It's called actually getting to know her thank you very much."

"Oh, I'm sure that's the case."

"We do homework together. She doesn't do social media so. Except Snapchat. She has that."

"How am I suppose to find her then?"

"Talk to her during school. And don't be a jackass. Don't play with her either."

"Yes. You've only repeated that like 500 times."

"I'll make it 501 if I have to." he sighed, "are you coming to class today?"

"Well, I have her next period so I may as well stay and pretend I give two shits about math."

"You never know when you'll need it."

"Tell me, when was the last time you had to find the volume of a sphere?"

He stayed quiet.

"Exactly. Useless information. It's a waste of my time. We should be learning how to pay bills and shit that we'll need in the real world. Not finding volumes of 3D figures." I shook my head.

"Depending on your major, it would be helpful."

"Yeah, well. Some of us aren't going into a major that needs math."

"Let's just get to class. I don't need this unnecessary sass."

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