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Aria's POV

"Aria. I swear if you keep talking and/or ask about him I'm going to strangle you." Rosalie rolled her eyes.

"Bro calm down. I was telling you about a conversation I had with my mom yesterday. Rude."

"I'm sorry. You've just been on this whole Grayson thing. Anyway. What was it?"

"We were just talking about my brother. My dad went to visit him and all that."

"Really? Why didn't your mom go?"

"I don't really know. But before that we were talking about Grayson."


"I'm sorry. I need more information."


"I think I would be okay with dating him."

"You? Dating a guy like him? Sweaty, you could do so much better. If Ethan didn't have a girlfriend, I would've told you to get at him. But Grayson? What'd your mom say?"

"That he and Ethan are two different people."

"Okay so? That doesn't give much intel."

"Leave me alone. I just wanna get to know the guy."

"Yeah. The wrong guy."

The bell for second period rang. I was dreading biology, but I wanted to know how today was gonna go.

"Hey babe." Grayson sat on my desk.

"Can I help you?" I said with much sass.

"Actually yeah, I need help with the biology homework. Gotta start studying."

"That was a quick change in behavior." I squinted my eyes, "a little suspicious."

"Just wanna do my best to take you out on a date with me." he winked.

Grayson's POV

Let's see. If I play nice, maybe she'll go out on a few dates with me and then after a while, I can toot it and boot it. Grayson you're a genius.

But what if I genuinely start developing feelings for her and am willing to commit. I'm not one to commit. Even the thought of being tied down is gross.

"So, everyone. I want you to pick a partner for the dissection we will be performing today. It'll be a little complicated. And I will give you 10 seconds to do so." he started counting down.

I saw Aria sitting alone. Has it always been like this? I walked over to her.

"Have you always worked solo?" I asked her.

"Not always. But if you're gonna be my partner, I need you to actually work."

"I'll try."

"Seriously. What's up? Your personality or behavior or whatever you wanna call it has taken a complete 360° and it's weird. Literally this morning you were trying to hit on me and whatnot. Then now..."

"Like I said. I just wanna take you out on a date."

"Now that it seems you all have a partner, the directions are on the paper that was on your desk when you walked in. If you don't have one, you can come up here and pick it up."

"So where do we start?" I asked.

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